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Originally Posted by pollybear View Post
I think you have to separate SU corporation from the demos and yet remember some demos are influenced by the cultish attitude. Case in point--I had one demo who would not let us mention or use anything that was not SU, yet she asked we bring adhesive and a few other things but required that they were SU. This turned a lot of people off. She insisted SU had the best prices (not) and that the products at other stores could not be the same quality as the ones with the SU label even though identical. She insisted the sagging ink pads were the customer's fault, and defended the lack of customer service at the company, as shown in their mass produced emails that did not even answer the questions you asked. When we returned products that we felt were and actually WERE defective, she acted like we had the problem. I finally quit with her when I figured out that she was taking our purchased reinkers, opening them, reinking HER pads and then giving them to us like they were knew. Several of us figured this out since some of our reinkers came in plastic and others did not. Some had no ink on the tip and others did. She reflected the company values in that she was cultish in her defense of the company.

On the other hand, I have had a demo who would tell us we could use paint pads instead of the scrubbers, and told us to use our Michael's coupons on certain things that were nearly the same. She was NOT dishonest at all and did her best to make sure we loved stamping and had fun creating. I spent much, much more money with her because I trusted her and she was a decent person. She also begged and begged and begged the company to go unmounted and they claimed on a mother's grave they would never do such a thing. Then let the profits go down and see how they kept to that! I imagine they will be doing clear stamps in no time at all when they see that once again, the unmounted rubber is behind the times.

One has to remember that the demos are not THE company. The demos have no control over ugly paper or the lack of nice designs in recent catalogs. They have no control over corporate decisions like the new contracts.
You are absolutely right about separating the company from the Demos. There are awesome Demos, good Demos, and less-than-desirable Demos and I apologize to those Demos that are getting inadvertently included into the group known as "The Cheerleaders".

It would just be nice to be able to say a person does not like some SU product or another on this board and not get jumped over it by those that have the "cultish" attitude you spoke of.

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