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Originally Posted by Minders View Post
First of all I don't know why you seem so bitter and are being so snotty in your comments to people. We are all just putting our point of view out there,'s Christmas time for goodness sakes. Something bad must have happened to you by a demo or something and for that I'm sorry, but there are a LOT of good ones and plain good people out there. I've been trying to be nice and polite but I can't do it anymore.

Good, you helped your demo clean up, that's awesome...not everyone is like that. That's fine, but you're not getting the point here that this is all part of the deal and why maybe we charge a fee or what not, we need to be paid for what we "do". Clean up is involved as is everything else. And yes we can make a profit off of the cattys which is the POINT, it's a's supposed to MAKE MONEY! Every demo is different whether they give cattys away or charge or whatever it's our choice.

And for the record, most of us DO have a M-F 9-5 job (in FACT I have a job where I work A LOT more hours than that and up to 7 days a week sometimes and also for the record I CAN'T take time off whenever I want I even have only a 2 month window in which I can get freaking married otherwise no honeymoon for us). For said job I must buy a uniform and other things. And know what, sometimes I get bled on or puked on even and guess what I'm pissed off and have to buy a new shirt or pants or whatever, so that aspect's the same, I don't like my stuff getting trashed no matter what it is. With that being said and the economy the way it is I know a lot of demos who this IS thier only job. So, they have to work harder than anyone because it is NOT easy to make money doing this. Really, I think a lot of them do not take time off, I'm pretty sure they are entering orders and taking calls and emails on vacation and what not. Heck I have ladies who call me at freaking 9 at night...this job has no set hours!

I'm a demo for FUN and right now this thread is sucking the thread out of being a demo! Again, I don't know why you seem so angry but whatever it is, I'm truly sorry but you need to get over it and deal if you don't like SU! fine whatever...we are just tired of hearing it. If you don't like SU! then stop talking about it!
I am just sick of seeing the Demos gang up on anyone that says anything negative about SU. If you don't like the real world then head back to the Demo forum... and I really do not care if you are polite or not... you certainly are not the first Demo to be impolite to those that are not a SU fans. But stop complaining and ganging up on those that don't love the product. It would be interesting to see how many of you that commented on this thread are actually Demos vs those that are not.

I have seen Demos on this thread do nothing but ***** about how much work is involved in their jobs... do you expect me to feel sorry for you? Same thing about working two jobs or having to buy work necessities. If you do not like it then CHANGE JOBS. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for you because you always have choices. You choose to do this so you (collectively) need to get over it and quit bringing it up. You want a pity party because you get a call at 9 PM? Don't suppose you thought about telling your customers to call no later than whatever time suits your lifestyle. I have a volunteer position with a branch of the military that I am on call 24/7/365 and I have gotten calls at 3 in the morning where I have been on the phone for the rest of the night. You don't see me *****ing about it because I know if I wanted to I could resign. You have the same option.

I guess being tired of hearing it works both ways... first you all attack someone for not liking SU and when I don't run away with my tail between my legs and stand up to the cheerleaders you want people to feel sorry for you.

You all do know that Santa isn't real, don't you?
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