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Friday, December 18, 2009 7:44 AM, CST

Good morning,

The phone rang at 6:30 this morning and I looked to see on the caller ID that it was from St. Francis Hospital. I picked up the receiver expecting to hear Patrick's voice, but instead I heard, “Hi mommy...I stayed up allllll night!” I smiled. My day is going to be good! Patrick got on the phone and said, literally, she did stay awake all night. The TV was never turned off and she sat in bed and played with an old cell phone that has no service but still holds a charge. He said she constantly played with the ring tones and changed them...basically making it almost impossible for him to drift off. We will have our work cut out for us when she comes home as we try to acclimate her back into a diurnal schedule.

Right now she and the kitty could spend the night entertaining each other, as Stowie usually feels the friskiest at night, being the nocturnal creature she is. We can handle this situation, though. Once Sicily gets home from the hospital, and the other kids home from school today, all we will have is time. We will hopefully have nothing but time for awhile. I like the thought of that. Sure, things will still be hectic and maybe even a little hustle and bustle with Christmas fast approaching, but as long as she stays fever free and feeling okay and doesn't have to be readmitted to the hospital between now and my favorite holiday, things will be wonderful! I won't let my mind fast forward to Jan. 4th. I will try and enjoy each day as it comes and only that day!

Sometimes it's hard to do that, especially for a planning minded person such as myself. But all I usually need to do to halt the fears and worries that attempt to take root in my mind is to think of how far we've already come. We're hiking up one of the world's biggest mountains. We've already endured perilous situations and still found the strength through our faith in God to push forward.

At times we've looked back and it scares us how high we've had to climb and we also look up and see that we can't even begin to see the top, yet, but we know it is there. Everything has a top and a bottom...a beginning and an alpha and an omega. When you're somewhere in the middle and have been for some time, it can be hard to always have the courage to continue the clime, even when you know you really have no other choice. But what makes the climb bearable, no, more like enjoyable, is when you get looking back and you quite looking up and instead you look around and realize you are climbing that mountain with your family, your friends, and even perfect strangers that want to be there with you! That's when I realize I can climb forever if I need to. That's when I know that if I slip, there will always, and I mean always be someone near to catch me, help me up, patch my wounds if needed, pat me on the back and say, “Let's continue.” That is how I can describe the reason Patrick and I are able to do all this. People. Hundreds of special people! From all over the world...from different walks of life...with different types of faith...but with one thing in common... COMPASSION!

I wish I could describe into words how humbled we are. The word humble can mean “meek” or “submissive” but I relate more to the definition of “unpretentious.” I like to share stories sometimes of what others have done for us, not to boast or brag, but to show gratitude and appreciation when I struggle getting to a pen, some paper and a stamp to formally thank them.

For example, yesterday, Elias bounces off the bus, like he pretty much does every day with a white plastic bag clutched in his hand that had something in it. Corinthian has just recently started going outside our front door to watch Elias get off the bus. I asked him why he was doing that and he replied, “I just like to watch him.” It is sometimes a humorous site...that kid is all boy and usually in his own world. Anyway, I asked Elias what he had in his sack, thinking maybe it was something he received from the book exchange they had in his class. He pulled out a big green stocking that was full to the rim with stuff and said that the Santa Claus who came to his school, wanted to give this to Sicily. It is hard not to tear up and try to swallow the knot that almost always instantly forms in my throat when something like this happens. How do you say thank you to someone like that? How do you let them know their thoughtfulness helped you get through a tough day? The only thing I have ever been able to do is thank God for that person...whomever he or she may least He knows! And sometimes He is the only person who needs to...for He is the reason so many people do things such as this! I think I could actually right a whole book on human compassion! I have enough stories to fill the pages and someday I may actually take on that adventure. Another good reason for me to share these they are already documented and would just need to be compiled some day.

Another quick story and then I have to go wake up Elias for school. The phone rang about a quarter to four yesterday afternoon and I did not recognize the number on the caller ID and there was no name. I answered it and heard a sweet, somewhat familiar sounding voice on the other end ask me if this was Sicily's home. I said yes, and the voice said she had a delivery from Sicily's preschool. I knew today was their last day before the holiday break and that they had a program scheduled for the morning. As I sat holding Sicily in the recliner at the hospital, I actually looked at the clock around 10:15 and thought to myself, “Her friends at school are probably preparing for their Christmas program...what I wouldn't give to see them!” So the door bell rings at our front door, and as I turn the handle and pull it open, imagine my surprise when I see Sicily's beloved teacher, Miss Sylvia, and her husband standing there with their arms full of gifts. She was just as surprised, too, as I think she was expecting to be greeted by one of Sicily's aunts and not me. Again, we were showered with generosity and kindness that knows no bounds! I can honestly say I love these people with all my heart and in a crisis situation, they would probably be some of the first people I'd call! Without having close family very near us except one sweet nephew and his wife, God has provided us with family in other forms. He allows provides!

Okay, have to get the cute little eight year old up. Nice thing about this morning is that he gets to wear his pj's to school as they are having a “Polar Express” day and will be watching the movie and drinking hot cocoa. He shouldn't be too hard to arouse out of bed. I'd like to go to school today, too! ; )

I'll update when the princess gets to come home to her castle and awaiting kitty. Everyone have a wonderful Friday!

Love to you all.

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