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Saturday, December 5, 2009 10:54 PM, CST

Good evening all,

Sicily is doing great and is completely bald again. Bald and absolutely beautiful! And, I might add, she is bald and proud of it...just as she was before. I did not know how I would feel having her lose her hair for the third time, but it's funny how used to something you can get and miss it when it is gone. I was actually so used to seeing and rubbing that smooth little hairless head that I think I missed it. She just glows and you can see her twinkling eyes even more now. It's only hair! It will grow back!!!

I just love to look at my bald beauty! It's like a visual medal of courage she can proudly display to the world. I might add that daddy is bald again, too! Sicily, Isabella and Elias took turns shaving his head while Corinthian handled the video camera. We started out by shaving the sides of his head and left him with a mohawk. He has never sported a mohawk before. I have pictures available to the highest briber! Just kidding. I will attempt to post them sometime soon...quite funny!

On a more somber note, my heart has been aching for sometime for a family in Arkansas whose little girl was just diagnosed with leukemia in September and tomorrow morning they will be removing her from the ventilator around 9:30 and letting her peacefully (hopefully) drift off to heaven. It could happen right away or they say she may hang on possibly for a day or more. I have no connection to this family other than that they were brought to my attention by another Wilm's family who met them in the hospital when they were undergoing treatment.

The CaringBridge world is a large world but becomes very small when people start sharing names and site information and then we sort of just melt together and support one another through our words via the internet. We have been personally amazed at the out pouring of care and compassion we have received from people whose paths we've never crossed. So that is why I am asking that tomorrow morning, Sunday morning, as some of you are preparing for church, please think of this mother and this father who may be holding their little girl for the last time.

The mom, like myself, is the one who does the journaling and she has from day one been positive about their circumstances. I have great admiration for how she has handled the situation they were quickly thrown into. I have only posted on her site once, even though I read daily, sometimes multiple times a day, the words she pours out for all to read. I felt the need this morning to thank her for showing other's how to continue to love and trust in God even when her heart was about to be completely broken in two.

I have read so many other journal entries from other mom's in desperation who have turned their back on God for what He took away from them. I keep my thoughts to myself as I read their agonizing words, but can't help but think...”Is He really taking something away from them that wasn't really theirs to begin with?” Our children are gifts from God. As parents, our job on earth is to love them, provide for them, protect them to the best of our ability, and if the time should unfortunately come, we are to figure out a way to let God have them back, if that is His desire.

It is unthinkable to most of us. We, as parents, are supposed to out live our children. We are not supposed to have to plan funerals and memorial services for our little ones! But those who understand from the beginning that God did not promise any one of us anything other than an eternal after what we live here on earth...whether it be six years or ninety-six years...are the people who find peace and understanding in God's grand plan! At least that is how I have to think about things when I can easily put myself in this mother's shoes tomorrow morning as they remove all the tubes running in and out of her little girl's body. That is how I get through the daily grind sometimes when I don't think I have enough energy left in my little pinkie to keep going. I always remember that God, Himself, understands what it's like to lose a child!

So, as you prepare for the day or for the upcoming week, if something isn't quite going your way or working out how you'd hoped, think of the family in Arkansas who will be saying goodbye to their precious little angel and giving her back to God...right before Christmas! I'm not trying to be a downer...actually, I'm hoping to ease some burdens by sharing this story and hoping others will truly understand the meaning of Christmas and never forget how truly blessed we all really are!

One more thing, I wanted to thank all the wonderful people in our beloved town of Wellington, Kansas who took part of or helped out with the dodge ball tournament. We would have given anything to have been there to cheer everyone on. Patrick would have also loved to have been a participant himself. He still hasn't lost is competitive athletic streak...he just doesn't get to put it to use very often anymore! I hope someone was there snapping pictures and could send me a few. We would highly enjoy them!

I also wanted to thank some dear old friends...some of the most wonderful and thoughtful people a girl could have on her old classmates from Enid High School. We can't thank you guys enough for your generosity and “creativity!” What an awesome concept and how incredibly useful! ( I have to share...we received gift certificates for a restaurant delivery service. I can order dinner for myself when inpatient with Sicily and at the same time, have something delivered to Patrick and the kids at home. Genius!) Thanks, guys!!! ; )

Everyone continue to have a wonderful weekend! Rest assured we are doing good...there is still laughter a plenty through out our house. We continue to just do the best we can!

Love to you all!


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