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Originally Posted by JanTInk View Post
I don't feel that demos and customers are "in the wrong". I do not agree with all parts of the IDA and have written to SU! to voice my concerns. I do not disagree enough not to sign, however. I think the policy was written broadly to cover extraordinary situations where people would try to find loopholes to keep doing what they were supposed to stop doing. I really do not think that SU! is going to read my private email, my blog or the posts I make in web forums, unless I am blatantly and openly defying the IDA.

I feel that some demos and customers are lashing out at the company...but not all of them are. I'm talking about the very few that are trying to injure the company. And they are out there.
Here's the problem: you "think" or you "feel" about the new IDA- but what you are thinking and feeling is NOT what it says. And when you sign it you are signing a contract based on what it says, not what you think or feel it means.

You may not think that SU will read your private email, but just by signing you give them permission to do so AND agree that they can penalize you if they don't like what you write. Whether you actually would write anything they'd disapprove of is not the issue- the fact that you agree that they can act against you based on private email is.

A contract means exactly what it says and regardless of how you "think" SU will enforce it, by signing you give them the right to do anything included in it.

And, obviously, a lot of people find what's in the contract intolerable.
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