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Originally Posted by nbtbby View Post
OK, I see what you mean now. I guess I just assumed that if you were already on a DT you were already under a contract or agreement. I guess I am not sure, why one would want to get into a contract knowing you would only be able to do it for a short time longer, but I can see how that would ease the transition. I know it is a tough deal for everyone. SU has given Sr execs advance info on a lot of things for quite some time, I am thinking this might just be another one of those instances. It wouldn't do for a demo with a downline of hundreds of demonstrators calling asking for details to have no information to help clarify things and there aren't enough demo support personnel or phone lines at SU to answer 40, 000 calls in one day, so perhaps that was their motivation.
In any event, I do feel deeply for all of you facing this tough decision.

Not all design teams have contracts. Some are just on good faith. Others require a contract as they are a larger company. For those that have a contract, they are good for a little while. Those that didn't have one before Sept. 1st can still be on a DT, but they'll have to play by the rules of the IDA and to be honest, what DT is going to want someone on their team that can't link back to them?

There's different reasons why someone would want to sign a contract for a little while longer.

DT members enjoy being part of the team. They love the diversity of the paper crafting world and enjoy creating with things other than SU. They want to continue for as long as they can under the terms of the DT contract.

Some DT members might already have unreleased product that they've been creating with in anticipation of an upcoming release. Since this product has already been opened and used, it can't be sold. These members might have also committed to a challenge or release party or blog hop and want to honor those commitments.

While some of the people in favor of the IDA say that they don't believe a company would make their SU designers pay for used product that they can't show and link to on their blogs, that's an assumption that none of us can make. Some companies send close to or over $100 worth of product to their team members each month. That's a loss either way you look at it and a company might tell the designer to keep it, knowing it's not their fault that they agreed in good faith (according to the older IDA) to be part of the team and meet certain obligations, and are now stuck between a rock and a hard place not of their making or choosing. But....the company does have a right to ask for payment for used supplies if they so choose. That's up to the company to decide, not other demos who think that the company should understand.

I do understand that SU has given higher level demos advance information and have even asked for input on decisions, but this is something that gave certain demos and unfair advantage, not just telling about a new product coming up or a new career plan. I also understand that it would be hard to accommodate calls from thousands of demos that wanted clarification on the policy before it was fully released....yet another reason it should have remained silent to all or public to all. One or the other, but not just to a certain number of demos. The fact that it was found out that it was given to a certain level of demos is what has caused the hurt feelings.
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