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Originally Posted by 11Valerie11 View Post
To address this, this was YEARS ago, and not against a customer, against a fellow demo who CASED me for an SU! convention sample display. Not just a gallery posting, but for a board at convention as part of a select group of demos who were asked to create samples and who all signed an agreement that all designs were original and theirs. How do I know about the contract? Because the following year I signed the contract and provided samples for convention. So the circumstances are different, I was not bashing a customer up from the generals, as is the case many times; not all, and certainly not every post, but enough times to take notice that demos feel very secure about posting negative things about customers. Would they post the same thing in general? I think not.

And, being years ago, when SCS was legitimately, for all basic purposes by extension, an SU! site by the nature of how it was originated, things were different.

Now, with the addition of all the Member Companies and the 1000's upon 1000's of posts, both forum and gallery, it is no longer the case. So just as SU! has the right to change their views and policies, so does SCS and by extension, those who pay and support this site.
It actually was more than once, 2-3 times I think and once it was on stampers showcase. i remember because when I saw it on the SU site I thought it looked familiar and then when I saw your post I knew EXACTLY what card you meant.

I have never seen a post in the demo forums bashing a customer who was in GS. I have seen post where demos might oh, I have this customer and I don't know how to handle/respond/resolve this issue.

I just find it ironic that after this has happened so many demos are suddenly concerned with what's fair and right for SCS and the member companies and other demos customers, etc. Seems like a little payback for the company doing something that some demos don't like. I mean, we've had member companies for how long now? How long has tool and product talk been there talking about non SU stuff? I guess I just don't understand where the big movement to get rid of the demo forums was then.
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