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Originally Posted by lapom View Post
If this is the case, wouldn't it stand to reason there are a lot of customers, demos (hobby or business) that may be wanting this? If people don't voice their opions of what they would like to see from a company, then how else would anyone know. If these demos are that concerned about how much this particular discussion goes on, maybe they should be relaying more to SU. There are so many reasons why customers would like to go this way - they don't take up as much room (space is a luxury to some), they are easier to see where you are stamping through the acrylic blocks, cost, and I am sure others can think of more reasons.

I think it is sad that demos and SU would rather go someplace where they may not hear/see this discussion than addressing it. Maybe there is a reason for staying with wood blocks. I personally think it wouldn't hurt business any if there were other options.
I'll explain my perspective. I think it has been addressed but people don't want to accept it. It seems like people expect SU and only SU to be all things to all people and that's an unfair expectation. I have asked and never gotten an answer on this...I like wood mounted rubber. I don't know why...LOL Now, if I like a stamp I buy it (God knows...) but given the choice I will pay more. My Elzybells are all wood mounted. Anyway, would it be fair for me to constantly go on about TAC and CTMH not offering what I want? I have stamps from both companies. TAC is um rubber and CTMH is clear. Would I *LIKE* to be able to get what I want from them? Of course but that's not their thing so if I like an image I get it in whatever forum. How long would it take before the TAC or CTMH girls were like, yeah, we get it, you LIKE wood but LOL

The other thing is it would hurt SU to offer both (which is why CTMH and TAC don't have both a clear and um rubber option). There is only so much space in a warehouse. If there is space for say 100 stamp sets and you want another option (clear or unmounted) then they need another space. So you'd have to go to having 50 stamp sets but they would take up the same 100 spaces. That's why SU retires stuff every year.
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