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Originally Posted by NYstamper View Post
Why would one get sick of it? Has anyone said so much that they wish PTI would go rubber instead of clear just as an example. I am a demo and a customer and while,yes, I would love them to offer an unmounted option, in no way would I ever want them to go clear. I may be alone or in a mionority but I honestly would rather have rubber instead of clear. And as far as prices go, yes they are a bit up there, but for an example, I just went to a stamp expo and paid $6 for one unmounted, no ezmount on the back stamp. The only reason I bought it was because it was an image I liked and would work well with some of my SU stamps. So it was my choice to pay a big price for it. But in perspective it does make the sets seem more reasonable. I also picked up a set of unmounted stamps on ezmount for $23. There are 6 stamps in the package and the mounted ones were $5 more with the wood on them. So I saved a few bucks by buying the unmounted and it will save me storage room also. And looking in the SU catalog at a set with the same number of stamps and about the same size it would cost me $25.95. I know this is off topic, but just an example. Not meaning to be miserable about any of this, just wanted to give a bit of perspective on a couple of the most common issues when it comes to SU. On a final note, I like PTI and it wasn't meant to be negative against them, just using it as an example.
Hi ... I don't want to get deep into the OT stuff, but I had this conversation with someone else recently. I would expect ANY company to switch from rubber to clear or vice versa (unless of course they are just starting up and make the switch, like Verve Stamps did). Rubber/clear is a huge change!!

It's the discussion of, well, I paid $6 for a bare rubber stamp... To me, if I love the image and it's calling my name ~ well, I'll buy wood-mounted, etc. You can't compare this way. I'll make it clear by an example. In the new SU holiday mini there is one awesome stamp set of snowflakes. Gorgeous snowflakes. Love them!!! In the upper right corner of that page is a sheet of rub-ons. I know that there are lots of places I can get pretty much the equivalent of the sheet of rub-ons in STAMPS for the same price as though four gorgeous snowflake stamps. Then I have a hard time convincing myself that I must have that snowflake set. You can't just go by stamp count in a set. Yep, lots of SU sets break down per stamp to a similar price to what I pay for some bare/cling-mounted stamps -- but I would NOT pay that $5 or $6 for ALL of the stamps in that set. Sometimes a stamp in a set is a teeny tiny nothin' stamp. (gosh I feel like apologizing to the stamps!) You know what I mean?

The point is, a lot of people are starting to appreciate the option of "mounted/unmounted." A lot of companies are providing that choice. And we wouldn't keep asking if we didn't love a lot of SU stamps!! Really. It's actually a compliment that we care at all.
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