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Wow! And I think this most excellent post was overlooked by some and was definitely along the lines of what I was posting over 24 hours ago and along the lines of what Cindy has also posted. (I think Cindy has me blocked because I asked her to calm down in a thread a few months ago, so if one of her friends wants to let her know about these posts that would be fine)

Originally Posted by pollybear View Post
My husband predicted something like this was going to happen when I talked about becoming a hobby demo. He asked if lots of women became a demo just to get the good deal on the cheap package they recently offered and then to get the 20% discount and maybe share the discount with friends. Yes, I think that is true, I told him. He said from a business standpoint, at some point SU would figure out that that was hurting their bottom line. He also asked if some people do that and also shop other places. The answer again was yes and he said he foresaw 2 things happening, 1-making it harder for people to use SU and other products in the way they now enjoy using them (together on their blogs) and 2-running off the hobby demos without saying it in so many words by making things so difficult for them that they would not want to stay. He said this is business politics at their finest. Try to look like the good guy but money and greed are the bottom line so never really say what the problem is. Just run off those that don't produce and take business from the producers at a discount.

Here we are!
I agree that this was a way to get their demos to audit themselves out of the picture and kill many birds with one stone
  • Can't win blogging awards with other products featured if it isn't allowed.
  • Can't link to the competitors for better buys when our own warehouse is overflowing with that product
  • Will find out who supports our business unquestioningly - i.e. loyalty. and get those out of our company who question us.
  • Will control ALL electronic correspondence of all our demos even though they are technically contractors* and not employees and will do this without any investment in their ability to be on-line.
  • Will "allow" some links but won't put that in writing (the contract is already out there and signed by some) so if corporate change their mind they can enforce it and say that the other was good will and they are now enforcing their original stance.

*Thanks for the info on contractor v employee - I think this could be interesting IF someone would choose to legally pursue it.
Originally Posted by 53queenbee View Post
Then you would be an employee and not an independent contractor...thus she would need to pay taxes and such on each of you. I think. In fact, I am pretty sure because that is what my hubby is and we pay our own taxes as an independent contractor.
If I was going to give all this up I would want more than a 20% deal

Someone earlier listed all these types of companies - Tupperware, Mary Kay, Partylite, Longerberger etc - the one thing they have in common is a majority of women as independent contractors. This isn't a mistake. Women are in general more flexible about giving up benefits and rights for the good of others.

I think all of the demos should step back before they sign anything and maybe even run the contract past someone "legal" because you are giving up some personal freedoms here without any financial guarantees unless you invest in the company to get your 20%. Go to any employment advice site at the moment and there will be warnings about work from home schemes that require money up front. Do I think SU is that - not overtly as they have a track record of providing the product, however, I do think they are starting to teetor dangerously close to that edge by restricting personal freedoms of their independent contractors.

I find it very telling that at least two demos that I know of with law degrees are leaving. Those without law degrees might want to think about that.

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