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Originally Posted by ctab View Post
Ummm, maybe you didn't get my point. I know I'm in the general forum, but it gets very irritating that every single discussion about SU ends up talking about them going unmounted and/or clear. And, most of the time it is completely off topic. So, a lot of demos choose to stay in the demo forum for reasons like that (and to keep the general forum from being clogged up with SU business threads) not because we have any deep desire for a "special clubhouse". I wasn't saying you couldn't have an opinion, or that you were bashing SU.

Anyway, like most business decisions this will anger some demos and make others happy. I'm not worried about the long term longevity of SU. And, I for one am very happy that demos can not longer have the perks of being a demo, and at the same time promote, link, and sell for competing companies. Because, once they are on the internet they don't just hurt their own business but other demos' businesses are affected as well.

Excuse me but I most certainly "got your point". And the only thing off topic here is your response to my post. The fact that you're irritated about consumers discussing SU going clear/unmounted has nothing to do with what I said or why I said it.
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