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Originally Posted by belindaking View Post
I will respectfully disagree-- SU is not dictating behavior, they are asking for exclusivity. They are not saying that every demo must hold xx number of workshops, and the workshops should be run following yy template.

The contract says that the demo agrees not to "promote, market, or sell" competitive product. It doesn't even tell us (anymore) not to use competitive product (it used to ask us not to use any competetive product in any meeting with current or potential demos or customers). It just asks us not to "promote, market, or sell" it. I've looked at quite a few business owner blogs, and not one business actually links to a competitive store. That's all SU is asking of their demos in the agreement-- not to link (in ANY online media, sure) to a competitive store.

Incidental and occasional mention is ok, as long as it's not reasonably made to drive business to a the competition.

Yesterday's message to demos contained the best statement I've seen as to the entire intent of the changes:

Some demos have argued that they are not in it for the business-- that all they are in SU for is the discount. But SU provides the same training and basic benefits to all demos. Those that purchase only for themselves and those that are big business demos all receive the same online training, the same monthly magazine, and are offered the same opportunities to attend most of SU's training events (convention, regionals, half-day regionals, teleconferences, etc.). Yes, demos who invest more time and effort into their business receive a few added benefits (SAM, Leadership training), but the content remains the same. (I figured this out after a couple Leadership trainings-- the training was the same as many articles in the magazine, just the presentation was different. )

All SU is asking is for promotional exclusivity from their demonstrators. I personally don't think it's too much to ask for, and I've signed the IDA accordingly.
Belinda - I know you are a very active SU demo, promoting your business and I totally understand that being SUO is the right thing for your business, but as a 'hobby' demo I view things differently.

SU is not 'asking' for exclusivity - they are demanding it. If a demo does not sign the new IDA they and their customers cannot place an order with SU (on their demo's DWBS).

When I was recruited by my upline, it was because I wanted to purchase a lot. I said no to her several times because I had absolutely no interest in promoting or selling SU products. She advised that my only commitment was to meet my 1/4ly quotas. Since I have joined I have met all my quotas myself - I have no customers (by choice). I do not promote SU products and I have no loyalties to SU - I have and use products from several companies (GinaK is one of my favs! - good thing I haven't signed the new IDA yet as I wouldn't be able to say this).

I will continue to share who and where I get my supplies - just like I do when I use SU products. (If I have someone show interest in purchasing SU products I link them to the SU site and my upline).

I am not an employee of SU, they don't pay me, they simply give me a discount for committing to purchase set minimums.

Regarding the other benefits - as someone not interested in promoting SU - the majority of the magazine, trainings, conferences, website information are of no use to me. My magazine goes from the mailbox to the recycling box. I agree with Ronie that I would be happy to stop receiving it in the mail.

I am going to see what happens over the next few weeks and see how much more back pedaling SU does before I decide what to do - but I do not plan on signing the new IDA the way it reads now. If I resign as a demo, SU will probably lose my business as I will not pay full price for their product, my upline will lose as she is trying to earn the cruise but the other companies will win - as I will have more money to spend elsewhere.

This is not meant as negative against SU - obviously I like the products and buy enough to meet my quotas - I just like other companies as well, and have no intention of not expressing what I like.
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