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Originally Posted by JanTInk View Post
I'm a glass half full kind of gal. The main feature of my blog is humor, not necessarily stamps, or even chocolate! So I expect to get quite a lot of mileage out of the current situation and the ways I will have to write to be in compliance... yes, indeed...I can see many humorous posts about 'rubbahdultery' with the new IDA twist added in in the future. Heheheh....

Life online has changed in the past three years. I think SU! is trying to address these changes. Maybe they picked up a sledge hammer to whack a spider instead of their slipper like they should have, but I expect that after this all shakes down, we will have something quite reasonable to follow. At least, that is what I hope. I have been a demonstrator for 6 years. In that time, I have never been asked to do anything dishonorable, immoral, or illegal. I have been treated with respect and courtesy at all times. I totally feel that the company will come to a better way of expressing this policy so that it is easy to understand and follow without feeling like you just "drank the Kool-Aid."

Why did they do it? I think it's probably because they had spent some time encouraging us to do this, then asking us to do this, and then when very few complied, they finally had to resort to telling us to do it. Mostly due to the design team phenomenon.

In the past four years, the whole idea of design teams has taken off online. When I was asked to be one of the original Dirty Dozen, I had never heard of the idea and had no notion what would be expected of me. Now everyone knows and most papercrafters who are online dream about being on a design team.

I don't think SU! understood what it would mean for it's demonstrators to start moonlighting as designers for other companies when it initially gave the go ahead. Honestly, most large companies didn't "get" the internet for the longest time, but you can see that most are starting to "get" it now. While the internet is not the largest part of SU!'s market, it is a growing one. So they are moving to protect their business interests in a way that makes sense to trying to make sure that their demonstrators, whom they invest a lot of time and money into, are promoting the company they are purportedly representing.

Most design teams ask you to do a buttload of work in exchange for your free stamps or product kit. You need to post when they tell you, show up in their forum when they want you to, comment on uploads, submit on a regular basis, host challenges, write articles, create sketches, and not to mix advertising for other companies in your posts. Not all ask for exclusivity, though some do but I think the day will come when they all do.

It used to be there were only a few people competing for these jobs. Not any more. There is now a very large pool of talented designers out there to choose from...the competition for these spots is going to be fierce and companies will be able to ask more and more of those that want to put that "design team" entry on their resume. Yet I don't see people getting online and protesting the insane amount of work that can be expected of designers, for sometimes very little return (the exception being JulieHRR and Nancy Nally.)

You may think SU! is cracked for asking for us to be exclusive in promoting the brand we sell, but my guess is that the whole industry will be moving in the same direction in the future.
I have to say that you have made the most logical, well thought out, reasonable arguement in SUs favor out of the 19 pages that I have seen posted. As I have stated, the biggest complaint that I have had is that as a hobbiest, I mostly just want to be left alone, and not have to think about what I am doing when I am crafting. My income doesn't (lucky for my family) depend on my crafting so as a hobby demo my initial concern was the ethical concern of using anything other than SU in the few workshops that I do have to make Cards for Heroes. I try to use supplies that I can buy at a good price so we can make more cards.

I still think that SU is a little behind the eight ball on how they are handling the changing market, but it can not be easy to be as large a corporation and make quick market changes the way that some of the newer companies are able. Any way, best of luck to all.

Happy crafting!!
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