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Originally Posted by Evalou View Post
I just don't understand this.......I too am just a hobby demo.
I will never reach those levels that you are speaking of, because I like right where I am at, but this IDA is not going to be "stifling me or stopping my creativity.

If I felt SU was not offering me enough, I would have left long ago. I nor my customers feel stifled. If my customers felt this way, they would not have stuck with me these past 5 years. I run clubs, I don't do workshops and I don't have a downline.

THEY ARE NOT asking us to JUST use SUO. They are just asking us not to ADVERTISE or direct customers to other products.
How is that stifling you. Go buy all you want, from whomever you want.....they DO NOT care. They just care when you lead customers to another product by talking about it on the world wide web.

Evalou, With ALL DUE RESPECT, Maybe SUP is offering YOU enough for your style of creativity and crafting. I, however, have never considered myself a crafter. I am an artist with various awards ranging to national ones in fields other than paper. 'Crafting' is different from 'artistry'.

YES, WHEN I am given a selection of items and told to use them, I make the MOST of them with my talent and supplies. However, I am not one to keep my talent within certain 'boundaries or limits' on my own time. I always aim to keep growing and pushing my ability to become better and more versed at what I do. Doing this with one companies supplies is not enough for me. That is my personal opinion. You may disagree, that is fine. I am not wanting to sway anyone. I am stating my .02.

I do also realize that SUP is not trying to keep us from using other companies stuff. I am well aware that we are just supposed to not advertise for other companies.

As an artist, I do however have a problem with not giving credit where credit is due. Whether it is that I picked up the wooden block at a 'big box retail store' or got the idea from a gal on SCS. I feel that when we use others products or services (like others' ideas) to surface our own new creation, even if it is just a card, it IS necessary to give credit to the appropriate source. Doing so shows respect and appreciation. I am sure WALMART doesn't really care if I appreciate them for selling wooden letters that I have decided to alter/paper and embellish up, but I feel I shouldn't try to hide the fact either.

If someone purchases jewelry supplies from me to make their own item (I have a jewelry line of my own so I always have an inventory of findings) and they decide to post their final bracelet piece on their blog, I would appreciate them noting me in their suppliers list. It is a respectable thing to do.

Again, these are my personal feelings. If SUP offers you enough, that is wonderful, but as an artist, what they offer does not reflect my art style as a whole and again, I feel it is inappropriate to not give credit where credit is due. YES, I know you can eventually tell someone in a personal email, if they ask, where you purchased "this or that"; but honestly, I don't enjoy going to my email time and time again answering the same question about said item, I would rather just edit my blog post to reflect the source of the item keeping me from wasting time and energy that could be spent on setting up workshops or working on club projects. Ya follow?

I appreciate your comments, Blessings, Nicole
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