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Originally Posted by 11Valerie11 View Post
In another thread on another planet in another galaxy, far, far, away, I've read multiple times about demonstrators asking advice on what to do with that customer who bought an item SU! sells in their catalog, but is also is sold at another store for a deeper discount, and they want help in using the product. Seems to be such a big deal to many on if they should help their customer. My question is cases like that is are they your customer first, friend second or the other way around? So many support the right to tell the customer they can't tell them anything because they didn't purchase it from them. I find that sad as my customers are my friends first. The other philosophy doesn't support the mission statement either, in my opinion, of course.
I have to play devil's advocate here for a second, Val. (Although I totally agree with everything else you have said and say KUDOS to you for the decision you have made) I work in an office where I sell products to schools. It's my living, which to some SU demos is the same (not all, but some). I have had a customer buy a printer from a big box office supply store, and then come to me for support because it's not offered from that store. And I have helped them because I felt I should, and because I wanted to. However, more often than not (trying not to make blanket statements here), that customer continued to take advantage of my kindness, time after time, while spending money with someone else because of price. It has happened time and time again, to the point where I have had to be strict and say, "Sure I'll be happy help you, but I will have to charge you." Because the time I spend helping them is time I could spend selling something to someone else, or helping a loyal customer.

I do think that you can tell the difference between a once in a while "needs help" friend that is a customer, and an ALL THE TIME "needs help" customer that is a friend. KWIM? And I, as a person trying to earn a living, would adjust my policies based on which kind of customer/friend they were.

Hope this gives you some perspective...just my lil' ole' 2 cents

Originally Posted by 11Valerie11 View Post
My wish is that when the dust settles and everyone has figured out what is best for them, that we all get back to doing what we love.
I totally agree.
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