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Originally Posted by 11Valerie11 View Post
Why not post it in a public forum? It affects customers as well, many are very likely loosing their demo over this new IDA. For some, it may be the only demo in their little town, for others, it may not be the case, but for all it's a sad thing.

Hiding behind a wall, once a proclamation has been made that affects many who are people first, customers or demonstrators second, doesn't bode well for any company. As far as revising the IDA after the fact, sure it was the right thing to do, but it should have been visualized before the initial announcement that many would feel that their rights, whether you (the general you) believe that to be the case or not, were being trampled on.

Again, once all is said and done, and everyone's decisions have been made, I hope that everyone can get back to the business of being creative without having these huge walls being up. It really has created an us vs. them mentality that is so sad.
Because people are upset about things that are not even relevant at this point. People are reading this thread today and getting angry about things that are not even true or are have already been changed and some don't even bother to read to the end so they have no idea what the truth is.

And SU can't always be aware of how their demonstrators are going to react to things until they do. Nor can they know exactly what component is going to upset them the most, until they put it out there. I am a demonstrator and It never occured to me to get upset about any of this.
A company shouldn't have to be psychic to deal with their employees, 99% would post a policy and tell you to deal with it or leave.

If you think that other companies don't make decisions, post them and have their employees go off the deep end about them, you are wrong. The difference is that if they came to a public forum and vented they would be fired, just for doing that. Recently some people were fired for saying things in a closed forum about their employers in a high profile my space case.

The ironic twist here is that everyone is acting like SU is behaving in such a mean and unfair manner, when the truth is that they are being more compassionate, fair and bending than any other company out there would be.


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