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Originally Posted by 11Valerie11 View Post
I think the biggest collateral damage is the damage between demonstrators, customers, and friends. This knee jerk reaction has caused a lot of damage to just about everyone, no matter what their level of commitment to SU!, and certainly doesn't go hand in hand with their mission statement:

To love what we do
and share what we love
as we help others enjoy creativity
and worthwhile accomplishments
in this we make a difference!

In another thread on another planet in another galaxy, far, far, away, I've read multiple times about demonstrators asking advice on what to do with that customer who bought an item SU! sells in their catalog, but is also is sold at another store for a deeper discount, and they want help in using the product. Seems to be such a big deal to many on if they should help their customer. My question is cases like that is are they your customer first, friend second or the other way around? So many support the right to tell the customer they can't tell them anything because they didn't purchase it from them. I find that sad as my customers are my friends first. The other philosophy doesn't support the mission statement either, in my opinion, of course.

My wish is that when the dust settles and everyone has figured out what is best for them, that we all get back to doing what we love.
The kneejerk reactions have been made by upset demonstrators who brought this to public forums. Not by SU who made a hard decision, thoght it out, looked at the legalities of it. Posted it and then revised it out of compassion for their demonstrators. Were demonstrators wrong? I would say they are human, and were upset and suffering and came to the place where they can vent. Not wrong, but also not helpful in any way. To themselves or anyone else. But don't blame SU for that.

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