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Originally Posted by tchk View Post
After reading 13 pages of this, my strongest reaction is a definite objection to being referred to as the "uninformed public". Am I too stupid to understand the wording of this new set of rules? Too stupid to be able to figure out what they mean? Or, just not in the SU loop to be able to make a decision?

I will make my future SU buying decisions by BEING informed and this thread did a good job of informing me.

Oh- and yes, I think SU has gone way too far here.
I made that statement and I did not mean it as an insult to anyone. No one on this planet knows everything, we are all ignorant of something, even if it is simply being unaware of a particular conversation.

I stand by the statement. There have been many statements made here by demonstrators and non demonstrators that were made without all of the facts in this matter. Meaning they were uninformed. Even if you went to the posted website and read the FAQ, you did not have all of the facts and if you are not a demonstrator, you do not have a whole wealth of information that also affects this conversation. If you are lacking information, then you are uninformed. It is not a disparaging statement. I am sorry you were offended by it, not too many ways to word that differently.
I also stand by my statement that if demonstrators had waited a week or so (in this case a mere 24 hours) to discuss this on public boards, it would be a completely different conversation. SU frequently adjusts policies and procedures based on feedback from demonstrators, which is exactly what took place.
I didn't see a problem with what they were asking of us, I was already conducting my business in exactly that manner, so when the discussion ensued and I realized that also meant that other internet activities that have come to be a way of doing business on the web, would be affected I could see why some people would be upset. It would affect blog hops and challenge websites.
I am sure SU hadn't considered that either or if they were even aware of the importance to some demonstrators. I say that because the top demonstrators at SU this year all have high profile blogs and most of them were already running their blogs the way SU was requestiing. So you do not have to participate in those activities to be successful on the web. But, because demonstrator feel so strongly about these practices and deem them so important to the enjoyment of their blogs, SU changed the policies. Not because they were wrong. not because of any legalities, Not because it benefitted SU in any way, not because it is a NECESSARY component for demonstrators to be successful on the web, but because it was important to their demonstrators on a personal level. SU bends over backwards to make their demonstrators happy, when they can and when it is feasible from a business standpoint.

I wish some of you would use that information in your future postings.

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