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Originally Posted by akstampmama View Post
Nope I am serious. This seems to be another thread to stir up controversy about SU. The policy affects demonstrators and the customers of those demos who may choose to drop because of it. Unless you are a customer who has first hand knowledge that your demo is quitting I think you are getting upset for nothing. If you are a demonstrator or were thinking of becoming one then you will need to evaluate the policy and see if you can live with it or not.
I just read the hoopla and I'm not surprised. As a small rubber stamp company owner, who wouldn't want to stop people from competing with you. That is just business. The more competition, the more choice, the less dollars that make it into that company's pockets...plain and simple.

I get what they are doing and I totally understand. Thankfully I won't be affected by it design team wise for at least the next 6 months because I have a contract in place. But I know of a lot of smaller companies that don't.

Business is business. And a hobby is a hobby. And when you start a hobby and you get that good to turn it into a business that is when it jumps from being relaxing and enjoyable to stressful and a job. And when that happens, more and more people STOP doing that hobby and we lose talented people.

Same with selling a product you believe in. The more rules, the harder it makes it to promote. The more you feel and think to yourself, why am I bothering to do this and you move on.

I really hope they loosen up the strictness some. I get what they are trying to do, but the execution of it will hurt them in the long run I think.

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