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Originally Posted by Waldsb651 View Post
They are not helpful at all and no knowledge about any of the products.
I really haven't been to Archiver's much because of the distance, but I did happen to be near one on Father's Day, (Hubby was golfing for his Father's Day activity, so I, of course, had the kids) so I decided to try shopping there, even with the kids.

First thing I noticed was a lack of carts. Maybe this is at all of their stores, but I know I buy a LOT more when I have a cart to put it in, even when I shop without the kids!! So I found a salesperson, who *was* doing something, but *was not* helping another customer, so I figured I could ask her a quick question. I asked if they had carts and her reply, word for word, was, "We absolutely do not!" I was taken aback and didn't know what to say to that kind of response. So, even though I had another question, I decided I was going to ask someone else.

So, I found another salesperson and asked her if they carried any paper with any kind of money on it and she just said, "No one makes that." When I looked at her with a kind of baffled look (both because of her abrupt response and because I had just purchased paper with $20 bills on it, so I *knew* it existed) she did try to give me a <little> more of an explanation saying maybe it's a thing about it looking too much like real money, but she seemed to think that because they didn't carry it, it couldn't exist.

Needless to say, I think we used the bathroom there (my son is potty training, so we use the bathroom everywhere!) and quickly checked out the clearance section, and that was it!

Wow! I really didn't mean to go on a rant like that, sorry! I guess I've been holding it in and it was nice to see some others who shared my not-so-great experience with Archiver's.

Originally Posted by sewnmachine View Post
or better yet - free shipping at I have no reason to go back to Archivers and settle for whats on their shelves.
And you are just dangerous!! I've already checked out the website and I will probably be placing an order soon!!
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