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Originally Posted by Samantha View Post
No, he didn't say how long to heal. Today I really needed to test myself and talked Mark into letting me go to the grocery store myself. I drove but it is only 3 blocks away. I barely got in to door and I was holding onto the cart when the pain came and I grabbed really tight and kind of bent over. Then of course, I went into a MAJOR hot flash and sweat was literally running down my face.

A nice lady asked if I was OK and what could she do. I told her I was fine and thanked her. I don't think she believed me I guess and went and got a store employee who came over and asked me to come and sit down. I tried to tell him that I would be OK in a few minutes. And I was. But I guess I scared a few people. But other than that I think I did fine. A little slow but fine.

I am trying to think positive and I will get through this. I really want to go to Portland and will use mind over matter to get there.

When you talk to a doctor and they say "I wouldn't worry about that if I were you", I want to say "I wouldn't worry about it either if you had it"
Ah, my fellow over-achiever. I’ll only tsk-tsk you a little for driving (and ALONE!) when you’re in such extreme pain. Well, at least the grocery store employees had a little excitement! Glad you accomplished your mission though. One step closer to the head of the class!

Hot flashes – dang. It really sucks that you have to deal with those on top of everything else. I get them really bad also. I had a total hysterectomy about 5 years ago and was completely unprepared to be thrown right smack in the middle of menopause and all its ‘issues’.

How’s your wrist? Did the thrombosis work itself out?

OMG – you so should have said that!

You're still laughing, Sammie, and that's a good, good thing.
It's all fun & games until someone gets a paper cut.
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