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Originally Posted by MSBetsyZ View Post
Congratulations on the 98% You deserve a treat, lol!

I'm not going to defend SU or bash them either. Of course I feel for Canadian totally sucks when prices go up so much. I do know, though, that I've seen SU lower prices for Canadians as well, so I don't view this increase as a matter of greed. They needed to make an adjustment, and this time it didn't go in the customers' favor, sadly. Anybody remember the year they had to print an adjustment formula to go in catalogs to LOWER the prices? They could have stayed with the prices that were printed in the catalog, but because the costs dropped so much after the catalog was set to print, they didn't feel it was fair to stick CAnadians with that just because it might have been easier.

I know that it's tough to compare prices from US Company A that operates in the US but ships to Canada with US Company B that is a US corporation doing business IN Canada. Company A doesn't have to pay any business taxes that the Canadian government imposes on foreign companies operating in their country. Do I know exactly what all the taxes are? No. But it costs SU more to earn a dollar in Canada than in the US.

I think if it were simply a matter of greed on SU's part, there would have been a similar, across-the-board price increase in all catalogs, US included. Instead, there are just some areas where prices have gone up, areas where increases were necessary. Sizzix items are more expensive, for one.

I don't blame anybody for being upset, believe me. Hopefully things will improve enough for another, downward, adjustment...
I wrote a letter one time asking them (SU) what exactly those cross border fees were and why does it cost so much to do business across the border and they never answered.

One thing could be wages for Canadian employees. Unless someone is willing to give answers to those questions consumers are always going to wonder. We were suppose to have a free trade agreement with the US.

My beef with the price increase was that the prices were already higher than the American catty and then they increase it by a further ten percent all the while leaving the American prices frozen. I would assume that they froze the prices because of the American economy. News flash, we suffer from the same economic downturn as our neighbour.

I love the company I probably will buy the odd item once and a while. The difference will be not as much. It has left me with a bitter taste as well.
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