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Originally Posted by basketballmom View Post
Question for you ladies ...
If I were your demonstrator (which obviously I'm not ), what response would you want/expect from me in this situation? I'm sure some of my customers will have the same concerns you have, and I'd like to do what I can.
Thanks for any advice you might have.

It sure is nice to know that someone from SU cares, Gail, and I do really appreciate that about you (which is why I am sure you are a successful Demo)! But unfortunately, with this price increase, it is the Demonstrators that are going to suffer (so to speak) with decisions that are made without regard to you as a Demo and us as customers as you potentially lose sales, customers and have to deal with irate customers like myself (sorry about that).

I would just like to see a relatively level "playing field" when it comes to the prices that we pay vs. the prices the US pays. Right now, I just feel that the company (not the Demos) don't care about their Canadian customers. I honestly would have swallowed a price increase with a little more understanding if the company also increased the US prices a bit. Instead of Canadians paying 10%-20% more, why not have US customers pay 10% more and Canadians pay 10% more? That seems a little more fair to the Canadians.

Perhaps I am oversimplfying the situation but I am really trying to look at this from a common-sense point of view.
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