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Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a SU! demo...

This just makes me sad. Y'know? Who gets bit in the ***** because of the decisions of a big corporation? Yet again, it's the little guy (or girl, in this case). In all likelihood, it's not going to be SU! that truly suffers from the loss of business that this price hike may or may not generate... It will be the demo's. A lost customer here and there (Let's be honest... how many of us will completely walk away from their products?) may not make a huge impact to a big company, but I suspect that even 1 or 2 orders less per quarter would really add up for a demo with a smaller client-base. Especially when SU!'s quarterly minimums are so high to begin with!

I "sell" Beauticontrol (I don't really sell it, just use the products - the equivilent of a hobby demo, I guess), and their quarterly minimums are $100 + $14 shipping (a flat rate regardless of what you order) + taxes on your full retail order (different depending where you live). THEN you subtract whatever misc. sales they have on every month plus you also get a 30% discount on top of that from the cost of the retail products (which increases the more you order or the higher you get in your consultant status).

Don't worry, I am well aware that I'm comparing apples and oranges to some degree, although it's the same basic concept if you ask me. I also know that I don't know all of the demo details from SU!, but from what I do know, it seems to me that the demos are getting the short end of the stick here too, even though, in theory, I guess they should reach their minimums faster with higher prices...

I don't know... It just seems like the consumer is getting shafted every time we turn around to the point that we can't even truly do what we love without that bit of financial guilt over how much it costs... Unless you're better able to control your spending than I am, which, really, wouldn't be that hard!!

Deeeeep breath... and that is my rant for this evening!

(Along with a little celebratory dance because I officially finished writing all my report cards and all the special ed. programs today! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!)

Just twist my rubber arm... ;o)

Angela a.k.a. PuppyDogGrins
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