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I have a "personal policy" when it comes to companies/businesses and my money. (This applies to all companies, btw, not just my papercraft obsession.) I vote with two things: 1)my words and 2) my wallet.
When I get good service, I write the store/company or both. I try to remember the person's name as well. When I get poor service/am dissastisfied with merchandise etc, I write the store/company. (I started doing this years ago after I got a bad haircut. Since the salon wasn't too far from work, I dropped in a couple days later to complain & see if they could fix it a bit. The manager asked me if I would PLEASE put my complaint in writing for her. Seems she had been getting many complaints, but most were via phone & company policy prevented her from taking any action unless she had a complaint in writing. So now, I write!) Most of the time, I don't get a response, but if I sent in a compliment, I always hope that it gets passed on to that worker & makes their day. Or maybe helps them earn a promotion. Hopefully, my complaint letters make it to the desk of someone who actually cares about customer satisfaction.
My wallet - well, that's kinda self-explanatory. Businesses who lose all their customers 'cause of bad service tend to go out of business don't they?
That said, SU has received letters from me in the past, and I think there is another one headed their way..........................
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