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Question Is PTI really cheaper than SU?

Originally Posted by jackie1 View Post
I order alot of products from the US and I don't pay anywhere near the same price as I do with SU. I did a cost comparison of cardstock from SU and PTI and with the exchange, shipping and duty, PTI's cardstock works out to be $.03 less per sheet than SU, and this is before the price increase?
I am asking this as I am truly curious and in no way trying to put down PTI.....I would still like to try their cardstock to compare with other companies

Every time I put a package of paper into my cart the 21$ shipping just makes me abandon my cart time and time again. I then figured I would make the shipping count and order 2 packs and the shipping jumps to 23.80$. I also know that priority shipping has a 50/50 chance to being stopped for duties and processing fees so I would likely have to add 10$ CAD as I do when I order GinaK paper....

So if a 40 sheet pack of PTI stampers select is $6 + $21 ship = $27US= $31.06 CAD = 77 cents a sheet + possible duties

SU 40 sheet pack of whisper white is $9.95 (new price next week) + $9.95 ship +taxes = $22.89 CAD = 57 cents a sheet (SU is 20 cents cheaper)

If I up the order 2 packs of PTI to save on shipping, it comes to $12 + $23.80= $35.80 US = $41.20 CAD= 51 cents +high chance of duties as it's over 40$

SU 2 packs of whisper white= $19.90 + 9.95 ship+taxes = $34.33 = 43 cents a sheet....

PTI 3 packs= 41cents a sheet SU 3 pack=38 cents a sheet

I agree that the gap closes the more packs I order (assuming no duties), but SU still seems to come out cheaper do you get the 3 cents less for PTI?

Am I making a mistake in my calculations? Hope so, as I can finally justify hitting the checkout button

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