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Originally Posted by StampinGoodDeeds View Post
I noticed the rules also emphasize that hostesses must return swaps within 10 days of the close date. I have been listing a close date for sign-ups, and then have a separate due date on my swaps. I always try to sort and return within 7 days of that due date, and if there are any delays, always check with participants on the thread first if there are any problems. Is this not allowed anymore then?
If as a hostess I violate in some way or someone complains then, how will we be notified or are they just going to cancel our membership?
As someone asked above also, what about when someone notifies the hostess they need to drop and the hostess is okay with that. I host open lists on most of my swaps so that participants won't be impacted if someone has to drop or 'flakes' -- that way it isn't such a problem for my swaps, saves me the stress too. And as a hostess, I've just accepted the responsibility to have to make up/angel any items that I need to in order to ensure the participants get back the amount they signed up for. So will this no longer be alright to do also?
That's kind of a bummer, Susan, for you and several other hostesses. I haven't noticed you having any problems tracking all of the swaps you host. Shouldn't there be some "graded" system that if you are a new hostess, you can only have 5 open, but if you're an experienced hostess (also with no complaints or have lots of compliments on the recognizing your hostess thread), you should be able to host more than 5 (who's to say how many - 10, 15, 20, etc). Dunno - it does seem like a punishment to those of you that host multiple with no problems....

I also agree with what someone else said about limiting the #/type of swaps we, as participants, have to choose from. I'm in 15 or so open swaps right now that range from altered items to ATCs to cards and close anywhere from now to Oct. It's great to have such a wide variety to choose from!!

What about those of us that NEVER host; I think this might scare some would-be new hostesses into NOT hosting!

I understand the reasoning behind this, just maybe don't totally agree...
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