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Originally Posted by StampinMelis View Post
Honestly, I think the only fair "gripe" here is why didn't she place your first order when you gave it to her? If she had, the rest would be moot because you would have had to have placed one order of $150 in order to qualify for benefits. Because she combined them, it does sound to me like she was gathering orders to place a large order and use the benefits in another way -- I won't assume she "stole" them for herself -- perhaps she is using them as give aways to customers.

I would flat out ask why she waited to place the first order. then I would explain to her that in the future you will choose to work with another demo, because you expect your orders to be placed promptly. DO tell her why so she can reflect and change in the future. I doubt she did it with malicious intent, hoping to lose customers!

It doesn't matter that she may be using them for customer give aways-it's still for her benefit. It sounds like it may be a case of greed. I agree, it's important to talk to her about this problem. The demo should make it right even if it comes out of her own pocket and give you your hostess benefits. She chose to hold your order. I haven't read the whole thread but one thing that hasn't been discussed is; if the demo doesn't make it right, does the customer have recourse to file a complaint with SU?? I hope this was an oversight by your demo and she makes it right for you since it's her mistake. Good luck.
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