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Howdy Howdy Girls! Hope everyone is doing well today.

just wanted to check in right quick before I make dinner.


JIMMY--He received the phone call today that he was accepted for sure for the new job and he will leave Thursday of next week. He is extremely excited as am I. Insurance will be available to us beginning June 1st which is a blessing beyond measureable limits in my opinion!!!

ME: I am doing good. My hands are slowly recovering, tooth still hurts but I am going to try an hold off until the insurance kicks in so I can have it done correctly. Having some problems with my shunt and we are not quite sure what exactly the problem is, thinking inflamation of the shunt tract or possible obstruction. I am to hear back from my neuro tomorrow and am pretty sure I will have to go see him for some tests but I am staying positive that this will pass without intervention.

I also completed my very first scrapbook EVER and I have loaded it into my gallery if any of you would like to view it. I would love to hear some opinions on it since I have never done one before but I thinks it turned out good for a first timer at it. There is 2 or 3 pages that I am not particularly happy with so I am going to take it with me next week when Igo visit my mama (since she is less then an hour from where I have to frop Jimmy off at) and she is going to see if she can come with some alternative ideas for the ones I dont like.

Other then that, we are doing GREAT for a change! Feels weird to say that. LOL Anywho now that I have jabbered your heads off I will shut up and go make dinner!

Hugs To All,

No Matter How Hard your Situation, Try to Always remember that someone out there is always having a harder go of it than you!
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