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FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009 09:57 AM, CDT


Sicily is doing pretty good. She woke up twice in the night to use the bathroom and a little after 7:00 she threw up, really just bile. She did that about three times, but said her tummy didn't hurt and she's not running a fever, so it's just a late side affect of her treatment, most likely. The chemo has cumulative effects so the longer she is on these drugs, the more likely she will start to have and experience affects.

She received some Zofran and is now eating fruity Cheerios. I think we finally found something she may like and actually eat for breakfast here in the hospital. We've tried about everything on the menu. Yeah Cherrios!

Yesterday afternoon was fun when Sicily got to ride in a red wagon downstairs to the hospital library/media center for her fifteen minutes of fame. I worried that she may not do very good as she was looking extremely tired and she was in the middle of her blood transfusion. These pictures will be for the Junior League of Tulsa's monthly publication. The first pictures taken were with one of the leagues volunteers and is supposed to be on the cover. Once the photographer raised his camera into position, Sicily's smile appeared bright and cheerful. Every time he stopped to check the picture or adjust his camera, stoic Sicily would re-appear, smile completely gone. Camera up, smile on. The other ladies in the room, along with Sicily's nurse who had to accompany us, laughed. It was like she had an on/off switch. I was very proud of her for handling it even though I know she was tired and a bit weary. The photographer took some pictures of her an I in the hospital lobby, as well. The issue is supposed to be out in April or May and they promised to send me some copies. It was a sweet experience.

We came back up to her room and she crawled in bed and fell asleep. She received her first chemo around 4:00, I think...time is starting to be hard for me to keep track of. If that is correct, she should be able to start today around 2:00. We had hopes that she would be able to go home on Saturday, but with the transfusion, we most likely will be here until sometime on Sunday. But that's okay...whatever it takes for her.

I just know she prefers to be home, as we all do. She keeps repeating this time how she won't be here too long. Not that she has any concept of time. So trying to explain that we'll be here until Sunday, really doesn't mean much to her. The best words for her ears to hear are, "We're going home today!" Soon, princess, soon!

She is begging to go for a walk so I'd better go. On last thing, and I hate to even vent about it, but last night there was a new patient admitted and I think the entire family was on the floor with least twenty people. This is supposed to be a "sterile" floor and environment. Sicily and I went for a walk and when we passed by this group appearing to have what seemed like a party, I told Sicily we had to go back to her room. We might as well have been in the middle of Wal-Mart...people everywhere, some coughing. Didn't quite get it. I didn't complain as our room is far enough away, but I wasn't very happy about it. There are other places in the hospital to congregate...this is were our children are supposed to be able to rest and not be over-exposed to germs. If it continues to happen, I will speak up. I will do whatever I need to do to protect Sicily and her compromised immune system! Sorry...just needed to get that off my chest! Sicily is patiently waiting for our morning walk, so I'd better go. More later! Love to you all!

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