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Originally Posted by Betty View Post
You must mean 'industrial strength' perfume!! Some people can leave a room and you smell it hours later! Old ladies use to use rose water as perfume, it was cheap, they could make their own.

FYI: Water taken from a dehumidifier is considered distilled.
*Old ladies*made me giggle. Young ladies used rosewater as perfume also. Many couldn't afford expensive perfume of the day. When young, my Mom used berries to tint her lips.

I've never heard that water from a dehumidifier is distilled. To distill water, remove all impurities, it has to be boiled, turned into steam then evaporated back into water. The water added to a dehumidifier is tap water, far from distilled. It is to be emptied daily and the dehumidifier washed thoroughly. If not, you can get serious mold, gunk and pure nasty water. I would NEVER drink any water from a dehumidifier. You want distilled water ONLY when mixing any concoction. It is the impurities in other water that grows unhealthy goo in your mixture. The Spring water, etc., is NOT distilled. READ THE LABELS!!

Do avoid all baby wipes that contain Lanolin. This breaks down your clear stamps. Read the label! Not all baby wipes contain lanolin.

I searched for the Awesome cleaner at my Dollar Tree. There were several formulas. I'm not sure if there was a *regular or original* formula. I picked what seemed to be the mildest one and read the back label. If I remember right, it said do not use on glass. That was scary so I replaced it on the shelf. Anything that will harm glass, doesn't need to be in my house. So, please read any product label that you're considering using on our expensive rubber/acrylic stamps.

I've used the Baby Wash stamp cleaner recipe for about 3 years now and have had no ill effects on my rubber or clear stamps.

Side Note: If you have those widdle unwelcome guests in your kitchen, *Ants*, spray them with the Baby Wash stamp cleaner!! No joke!! Stops them in their tracks immediately. We've lived here over 40 years and have had these little creatures for about the last 3. I won't use any chemical around my sink or counters. After fighting them for about 2 weeks, I was mad, desperate and determined! lol I grabbed my stamp cleaner sitting there on the counter and sprayed away. I was so amazed! It took about 3 days to finally convince them I was in this for the long haul. FYI, they go for greasy stuff and ignore sweet stuff. Not fun to go in the kitchen in the middle of the night and see them all over a dish in the sink from a late night sandwich!!

I apologize for the long post. I hope some of this helps at least one of you. May God bless, Sandi
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