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MONDAY, MARCH 02, 2009 04:07 PM, CST

Good Monday afternoon,

We are all doing well. We were able to make a quick trip up to Wellington, KS this past weekend to celebrate Patrick's mom's 85th birthday with a party on Sunday. It was a bit of a whirlwind and we weren't able to see many people as Sicily's numbers still hadn't recovered to the normal range, so we maintained a protective bubble over her. But she absolutely loved getting to stay at Grandma Zeka's house and playing with Aunt Betty Kay. She was happy and energetic. We waffled back and forth on whether to take her to the party Sunday afternoon as we forgot to take a mask with us, but decided to go forth with our plans as long as she agreed to let Patrick, Bett or I hold her the entire time. She was okay with that.

It is a balancing act trying to make decisions to protect her health and also trying to let her live a fullfilling life. So far I think we've done pretty good. She still asks to go with me sometimes as I head out to the grocery store when Patrick is home, but we still prefer to be safe and not expose her to anything unneccessary. I think that was one of the hardest things at first, and still, for me to get used to...not being able to just run a quick errand during the day.

I did take her with me today to pick Elias up from school and take him to the ortho doctor. It was a very quick trip. He was excited to see if he would be able to get his cast off. They did an x-ray and when the nurse came back into the exam room with his x-ray in hand, she had a bit of a baffled look on her face. She looked at Elias and asked if there was something stuck in his cast? He replied, "Oh, yah...there's an eraser in there!" HUH? I looked at him and then at the nurse and said, "An eraser?" Elias went on to explain that last week as he was listening to his teacher talk, he stuck his pencil down his cast, without even realizing he was doing it. When he pulled it out, the big chunky eraser that fit over the tip of the pencil managed to stay behind. He said, "I've been trying to get it out ever since!" I asked if his arm itched and that was the reason for the pencil invasion, but he said it didn't. He kept repeating, "I didn't know I was doing it!" time give your 'ole mom the heads up so I can at least pretend I'm aware of things! When the doctor came in he reported that the fracture looks to have healed very well and that the cast could be removed but Elias would need to wear a splint for a couple of more weeks. At least that thing can be removed for showers! The doctor continued by asking Elias if he wanted to keep his cast, and of course I couldn't contain my eyes from that was even a question. He said he'd tell the nurse to try to get it off in as few pieces as possible, but Elias was already one step ahead! He said, "I can remove it myself" and proceeded to do just that. With a few wiggles and calculated maneuvers, and a half joking remark from the doctor to "not break his arm" in the process, Elias triumphantly removed his red cast completely intact...and without re-injury...yellow eraser and all! I looked at the doctor...he looked at me...we both sort of shrugged our shoulders. Would you expect anything less out of Elias? The doctor took the cast and stood it up on the counter and remarked, "Look, it can even stand by itself"...and NO, I personally haven't taken a whiff of it and don't plan to. I laughed and added, "Sure, we can make a lamp out of it!" I wouldn't put it past Elias for taking that idea to heart and pursuing it, but it's not going to happen! I will let him keep it as his proud little trophy. After all, as he puts it, "Everyone wishes they had a cast!" They don't realize it comes at a have to do a little suffering and be in a little pain to get one. Not that keeping that cast around will act as a reminder to him to be more careful in the future! He's Elias. I have a feeling this won't be the last "trophy" in his lifetime! I pray...but I also observe...HE'S ELIAS!

Sicily enjoyed all the hullabaloo. Just getting to go along for the ride was excitement enough for her. She has an appointment at 9:30 tomorrow morning for a CBC. Hoping her numbers will be high enough to halt this round of shots. We had to give her one while in Wellington on Saturday night, and she wanted everyone around to sit down on the floor to watch, including Grandma, who was sitting in a chair. But that was not good enough, so Grandma got down on the floor as well.

Thank you all for the continued prayers...still feeling them every day. Our friend Hollyn is having her bone marrow transplant right now as I am typing. Please continue to pray for her and all the dear children battling for their lives! Every four hours, a child dies from cancer. Pediatric cancer is still considered to be rare, but that above statistic sure doesn't make it sound too rare to me! We just lost three Wilm's warriors in ten days time...that's not rare...that's tragic! Sorry to end on such a down note. More awareness is key to more funding into treatments that could one day prove to be a cure. I pray that day happens in my lifetime! Bless you all!

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.
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