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SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 01, 2009 06:23 PM, CST

Good Super Bowl Sunday,

As you can see, I'm not a very big sports fan. Super Bowl Sunday to me in the past has always been just a good excuse to be around good friends and pig out on lots of fattening food. This will be our first time in five years we've not been able to fulfill that tradition. We were invited (thank you old friends!) but life these days can't be planned out too far in advance for us...we are learning to deal with that.

I am doing much better now, thank you all for the supportive and understanding words! I've met some very special people through Sicily's ordeal. Some I will get to eventually meet in person, some will continue to be virtual friendships, but all have been incredibly important and have sustained me through some of my very low moments. Again, thank you so much!

Sicily and Patrick made it home before 11:00 this morning and then we had a wonderful visit from some Kansas family members. Sicily did receive her transfusion at about 3:30 in the morning. It was important for her chemo to stay on schedule yesterday evening, so Patrick opted for Sicily to get her transfusion during the wee hours of the morning instead of waiting until later as it would push back her release. It wasn't too big of a deal as she slept through most of it. She had to take Tylenol before hand and wouldn't let the nurses give it to her...she only wanted daddy. But she slept through the three and a half hour transfusion, even the hourly vital checks, so that was good.

She came home and walked in the door and announced, "We're home!" Of course she had to find Stowie first thing and as I held kitty she literally gave Sicily a kiss and sniff on the mouth. Those two need one another!

While in the hospital, Patrick figured they walked around the 3rd floor the equivalent of over a mile. One of the nurses said that fourteen laps around there equaled a mile and Sicily and daddy did ten just yesterday. Again, the exercise that little lady gets, voluntarily mind you, can only be to her benefit.

She enjoyed her day with Aunt Valerie, and cousins Bonni and Gage. After they left she fell asleep in my arms watching her favorite show, "House," as the USA network is showing a seventeen hour marathon of it. She is so funny...a three year old who likes "House!"

You may ask why, and normally I would not let my young children watch such a show that contains adult situations, but she is completely fascinated by watching other people on TV laying in hospital beds connected to tubes and IV's. I think it brings her some sort of comfort. Yes, she is a funny little character.

Maybe it's early education into her potential field of choice. She walks around with a real stethoscope and puts it on our chests or back and tells us to "breath!" She says she is a doctor...somedays, she's a nurse. Either way, she's going to be good and very knowledgeable with all her "experiences".

I asked her last night if she knew she was going to need a transfusion during the night and she said, "yes, I need more blood"...just as simply as if she said she needed chapstick on. Very matter of fact. But that is how she has handled most of the things that have come her way. I laugh and shake my head at her acceptance. I wish I was able to accept things in life the way she does. If it needs to be done, and if it's for the better well being, then just do it. Wouldn't life be so wonderful if we all looked at things in that light? Acceptance...sometimes a hard word to swallow...sometimes a hard word to understand...always a word that is craved and hoped for!

Once again, Sicily has strengthened my resolve and I will continue to march in an army behind her!

Lead on, little soldier, lead on!

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.
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