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Julie wrote a terrific post that explains some of the reasons for copyright laws.

I come from a needlework background and have known some of the best people in the industry over the years. The violation of copyright law- by those who said things like "the designers should be happy that I buy their charts" or "I'm not making a lot of money out of it"- has radically altered the needlework industry in recent years. I personally know several designers whose lost income has forced them out of business; others have seen their incomes drop dramatically because of the trickle effects of too many individuals who see nothing wrong with violating copyright law.

If you don't like the angel policy of a company, then do not buy their products for use in creating things to sell. Those policies are designed to protect the company and their intellectual property.

People need to see beyond their own selfish, self-centered perspectives. These companies are not setting rules to make your life more difficult, they are setting rules, legal rules that they are entitled to make, to preserve their company and the jobs of those employed by them.

Will you get caught if you violate angel policies? Maybe, maybe not. But, the needlework industry has become more aggressive in finding and prosecuting those who break the laws about copyright and the paper craft industry is likely to follow the same route if the practice becomes rampant.

Violation of copyright, including angel policies, is stealing, plain and simple. It's illegal. You are breaking the law. There are legal remedies for the companies and they can pursue them. If the actions of many individuals- who don't see that their individual action, repeated over and over by uncounted numbers of others who think the same way- start to impact the company's income, they will decide to take action against the perpetrators, or will go out of business.

And, is that what you want?
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