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MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2009 06:28 PM, CST

Good Monday evening (it is Monday, isn't it? I'm starting to lose track!),

Today went pretty smoothly for the most part. Sicily is functioning on fumes as she refused to take a nap and I was just a little too tired to fight it.

She began another round of chemo at 3:30. Around 5:00 she and I nestled into the reclining chair to relax a bit and watch a movie. As her IV tower was parked beside us, I listened to the soft purring sounds the pump made as it dripped the necessary chemicals into my little girl's body, when all of a sudden Sicily began to complain that it felt like the needle was coming out of her port. I lifted her shirt up and sure enough, it was starting to come out and fluid was dripping.

I quickly called for the nurse and she came running in, or actually waddled in as she is pregnant and due Feb. 3rd. She donned on the necessary protective wear and gloves and began to address the problem. Another nurse came in to assist. Fortunately, they were able to push it back in without removing and re-inserting...which is a big deal. Sicily's port is worth it's weight in gold for it's function. It has to be treated with much precaution to keep it from getting clogged or worse yet an infection in the line (which leads directly to her heart).

There was some concern about the chemo getting on Sicily's clothing so I went ahead and changed her into pj's and the nurse gave me a big yellow bag with that scary looking three ring symbol on it and is labeled "Biohazard...Infectious Linen." That makes a mom feel at ease. It has to be washed separate from everything else once we get home.

The nurse also gave me a print out that lists how to handle "bodily fluids" once we get home for the first forty-eight hours or so. Fun stuff! But again, nothing we can't handle.

Patrick was to bring the older kids up for a visit this evening, but considering Sicily is without a nap, and we just experienced a little bit of panic, I told him to just stay home. Sicily's counts as of yesterday were at 1320, so her little immune system isn't up for handling anything extra right now, so limiting the kids' exposure to her is in her best interest...even though she was very disappointed nobody was coming.

Her little personality is still shinning right now in between her bossy spells and GI Joe commands. It has been fun to spend one-on-one time with her, but I think we are both ready to go home tomorrow, jump back into a little bit of a routine and build ourselves back up for the next hospital stay in a few weeks. We should hopefully get released by noon, if all goes well.

Her appetite is still not great. I even brought food from home yesterday (pepperoni and black olives) and she did enjoy that. What can I say about hospital food? It's not horrible,'s no Bonefish Grill, either! ; ) There's no Bang Bang Shrimp on the menu here (darn it)!

I just signed up on Facebook this evening in hopes of being able to post more pictures of Sicily and the rest of the Zeka clan, as I am very limited on this wonderful website. I may have to enlist Corinthian's help to manage it for me as he is our little computer genius! Well, Sicily and I are already both in our pj's with mommy having high hopes of an early bedtime. Wish me luck. Everyone have a peaceful evening.

All my love,
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