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I was talking to Caterina on the phone yesterday and I had mentioned to her about this song from Sonya Isaacs called THE BATTLEFIELD. In a documentary she did, she talked about the meaning of this song. And basically she stated that it is about her before she was saved and after she was saved and how many people shyed away from her because of her new found belief and that the greed of people for money etc. are more important than God but she would rather have Jesus than all of that. And that the chorus statement "I'M GONNA DIE ON THE BATTLEFIELD" means to her that through your walk in faith with Christ, you have bullets from the enemy (Satan) constanly slung in your direction and some people step out of their Faith to avoid them, but that she will not and therefor will die on the battlefield for Christ. She said you know God has a plan, and sometimes his plan is to allow the bullets to get close enough to you to get your attention but not to hit you and other times they hit and wound you or they hit and take you. It is always his plan and if you dodge a bullet then that is his plan but if you dont that it is OK too because that is his plan also. So I apologize in advance for the video link as it does not represent what her interpretation of the song was meant to say but it was the only link that I could find so that you all could hear it. I have also posted the lyrics for you as well. I hope you all enjoy it and that it brings you much comfort as it does to me!

One day as I was thinking
On unseen things above
The Savior spoke unto me
And filled my heart with love

I'm gonna die on the battlefield
I'm gonna die in this war
I'm gonna die on the battlefield
With glory in my soul

I used to have some people
Who walked and talked with me
But since I've been coinverted
They've turned their backs on me

Some say give me silver
And some say give me gold
But I say give me Jesus
Who saved my dying soul

(Repeat Chorus)

With glory in my soul

No Matter How Hard your Situation, Try to Always remember that someone out there is always having a harder go of it than you!

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