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DD and I had grilled cheese sandwiches tonight for dinner, but I cooked up some beef stew to eat this weekend. (I had stew meat defrosted in the fridge that could not go another day without cooking it.) I tasted some of the 'broth' (the veggies aren't cooked) and OH MY is it delicious!!!!

I'm warming it up on the stove and will either throw it in the crockpot overnight or on Saturday. (Need the crockpot for the bbq I'm cooking for tomorrow for DH's bday party.)

It's basically this recipe:

But I browned the beef first, deglazed the pan with some beef broth. Made a roux with 1/4 c butter and 1/4c flour and then added everything to the pot. Needed more than 2 c of beef broth, though. The way it was (I assume cuz I did the whole roux thing...) was almost gravy. It's simmering on the stove now, but it tastes sooo good. I was too lazy to chop onions or garlic (and I really don't care for chopped onions in this kind of thing anyway - if I had pearl onions I would have used those.) I used TS Onion^2 and Garlic^2 instead.

I can only imagine how awesome this will taste tomorrow!!!

Next task: Bake a German Chocolate cake for my DH for his birthday. It's his birthday present; I usually make him one every year. However, the cookbook I have the recipe in is boxed up in anticipation of our move (so much for moving in August!!!!) so I'm trying a new recipe tonight. Let's hope it works!!

Tomorrow's task: Cooking BBQ ribs. I bought 5 racks of them at Michelle's favorite grocery store tonight. DH thinks I'm nuts for serving a meal I have never cooked before, but they are RIBS. IN THE OVEN. How hard can they be?????
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