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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2008 06:25 PM, CST


Surgery went well...details are many. Sicily will be under sedation for quite some time as she is going to remain intebated. Now well patiently wait and recover and keep praying that all will go well! I'll update more later!



SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2008 08:44 PM, CST


I don't know if I can even begin to explain all that occurred today. It has definitely been a say the least. But I feel we are completely in God's hands today and He is taking care of us.

I am sitting with Sicily in the PICU right now were we plan to be residing for the next couple of days. She is hooked up to more bells and whistles and cords and tubes than I have ever seen. It seems like something is dinging or ringing every few minutes. It is hard to see her in this state, but I know she is in the process of healing and every one of those bells, whistles, cords and tubes are in place to help her recover. She has opened her eyes a few times and has even nodded her head when we've asked her a question. Her room is filled with machines and computer screens with all sorts of different colored moving wavy lights and flashing numbers.

I doubt I'll be getting any sleep, but at least I am close to her, and hopefully she knows that I am here. That was one of my biggest fears as I sped to the hospital this afternoon was that I wouldn't be able to kiss her and tell her I loved her before she went into surgery. I was so afraid she would think that mommy was not there anymore since her heroic daddy has been her primary care giver for the past few days. I did make it in time to say those important words and kiss her on the forehead. But it was not without incident.

No...I was driving as fast as I would let myself go on I-44...but I wasn't the only one. Yet, I managed to attract the attention of the highway patrol man hiding on the other side of an overpass. I knew immediately when I passed him that I was going to be his catch. As soon as I saw the twirling blue and red lights I pulled over, rolled down my window and pulled my license out of my purse. I also grabbed a little prayer card for Sicily that I had made that had her CaringBridge site address on it and a picture of her. The highway patrol officer came to my passenger window and tapped on it lightly. Startled, I rolled it down. The tears flowed as if I had any control over them. He politely informed me that the reason he pulled me over was because the speed limit is 75, and before he could tell me how fast I was going, I blurted out through tears and sobs that I was trying to get to OU's Children's Hospital because my daughter was about to have another surgery.

He looked at my license and the little card I had handed him and then said he was going to write me a little warning ticket. I blubbered back, "Okay." He then asked for my proof of insurance, and as my hands trembled I started rummaging through my purse and the glove compartment until I finally found it. As I started to hand it to him, he extended his arm out to hand me back my license and prayer card and tapped my door and said, "I'm going to let you be on your way. But, you won't do her any good if you don't make it there! Buckle up!" With that he turned around and walked away.

I had just met one of God's Angels dressed in a highway patrolman's uniform. I indeed slowed down and went the speed limit. Not ten minutes later, my sister called to tell me to slow down and take my time because the surgeon said it would be at least another hour before they would have the team ready for surgery. Funny how life happens.

Also as I was driving, the weather was cold, windy and spitting rain from time to time. I was saying the "sandwich prayer" (Jesus, Sicily, Jesus) over and over in my head when the sun peeked brightly through the cloudy sky. I knew God was with me.

Elias, of course, in the backseat exclaimed, "Mother nature can't make up her mind." He also asked if we were going to the hospital to give her his kidney? I explained to him that she doesn't need it yet, and hopefully never will, but if that time does come, he would have to be tested first. He was okay with that. He still just melts my heart.

Well, it's getting late and I need to try to get a little rest. Pray for a restful evening for Sicily and that her little body mends in God's hands!

Love to you all,
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