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Where did everyone go?? Off with family for the holidays?? or has everyone moved over to the other thread??? Just checking in! There have been quite a few posts going on over there.

UPDATE: I'm WORKING, I promise I am working as fast as I can to get this baking document/book out in a timely manner. I had a darn computer glitch last night, which was one HUGE ugh & deep sigh for me. It will show up!

Rev.Linda, I never did find the cake mix (tried) for your recipe, but I used a butter yellow cake mix instead, with loads of chopped up pecans, and I DID find the frosting. It was a HIT, no adult "addition" needed. Oh, and I put candied pecans poking out a bit all around the top of the Bundt cake after it was done, with a light dusting of powdered sugar just for looks.

Don't know which thread it came from, but I also did the pretzel treats (coudn't find rings, used normal twisted ones), using the Rolos! Half had an M&M in the Rolo, the other half had a Pecan piece. THOSE were also a big hit...even the men snacked on those for quite some time. AND...I even got the "Oh, AUNTIE BARBARA, can we come over to make those with you?" call the next day from my niece and nephew, who've both decided they want to make those (and the white chocolate craisens) in gift bags for their friends as gifts this year. SO WOW, OK that means BIG HITS, if even the TEENAGER wants to give those to her friends instead of buying something!

The while chocolate cranberry treats, I made a few versions. Bought the bark & the white chocolate chips (zero trans fat those said). Taste testing via my family, LOL. I also bought dried cranberries, and Craisens (cherry flavored). I melted the chocolate in batches. First the bark, and did it two ways. Half with cranberries with almond extract, half without almond extract and dried cranberries. With the bark, I used half with craisens/no almond extract, half w/almond extract and of course the craisens. THEN I decided to try another idea. I used another bag of white chocolate chips, and used the dried cranberries, slivered almonds, almond extract, and SPREAD that out all over a cookie sheet, like making almond bark. Broke that into little pieces once it was set. ALL versions went over well, EVEN with the kids. I thought for sure the kids wouldn't be as fond of the ones w/almond extract, as it was more adult like in my mind - not as sweet? Anyway, HITS, HITS and HITS, and I am going to say here, some of my nieces and nephews (only two under 18 now) can be PICKY about things. So, when I got the WOW AUNTIE these are great! AND my brother-in-law, eating almost all the pretzel rolos w/pecans..I thought, HEY I should share this success story!

The cake was a BIG hit, and mine was still warm since I was rushing everything along to get there on time with these items. I heated the cake slice a bit more up a tad in the microwave, for those who wanted warmer, and added the ice cream, or whipped cream with it, as requested. It went fast, WAY before the pumpkin pie or other desserts, so HEY....THANK YOU! (I figured I'd make my family my taste test group JUST in case, then I can get to making more and gift giving to neighbors, etc...) NOT that others haven't had success, as I doubt you would have submitted your recipe/ideas if they were NOT's just I wanted to be sure I was doing it correctly, as I had to make SOME substitutions due to my lack of locating the exact ingredients.

THANK YOU TO ALL! Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone! Don't forget, we're still here!!!!! Until I see a post again..I truly hope everyone is doing well.
God gave us memories so we might have roses in December. James M. Barrie
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