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Updates from Thurs. & today - thanks so much for your prayers.


Hello again,

Patrick and I were able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner together as my sister and part of her family spent the afternoon in the hospital with Sicily. She was in 7th heaven. She had their full attention and didn't have a dull moment. I asked my sister when I called in to check if Sicily had taken a she did list all the things she did do...played with playdoh, went on walks, played with every puzzle in the play room...the list goes on. I think she was actually disappointed when Patrick and I returned. But that's okay, we all received a much needed break!

When I left, she had curled up on the make shift couch bed and was getting ready to drift off to sleep. I kidded her and said, "Well I guess daddy gets to sleep in your hospital bed!" And she nodded her head "yes!" I think she is more than tired of being in that bed and I don't blame her. I dread the approaching time of when we have to tell her that we are going to do this all over again. I told Patrick that I don't think we need to say anything until next Wednesday morning. I don't want her to start to worry and not enjoy her time away from hospital beds, beeps and buzzers, cord and wires and everything else associated with a lengthy hospital stay. My own mind hasn't yet come to grips with it! But it must be done, so we'll saddle up and ride again.

I have to share how sweet Sicily's older brother, Elias, has been through all of this. Because of the situation, there may come a day when Sicily may have to undergo a kidney transplant...that is just a possibility and we've had to discuss it. Patrick talked to the kids about it as he was bringing them to OKC on Monday. Corinthian and Elias immediately, without even pausing, said they would give their little sister a kidney. As I drove them to my sister's house that same evening, Elias asked when he could give Sicily his kidneys? I explained that she would only need one, and he replied, "I don't mind if she has my kidneys!" Again, I explained that he needed to keep one of his kidneys for himself. The next day, he came to visit Sicily and again asked when he could give her his kidney. When that little guy sets his mind to something, he's ready to go full speed ahead.

It melts my heart to think how truly sweet and innocent this seven year old boy is. He has no idea what the process would be, but if his little sister needs something then he will try to give it to her. How precious is that? Anyway, there are many bright spots in our tunnel of darkness right now...flashlights, if you will. And I will let those little flashlights lead us through this and we will see the sun again soon one day! Love to you all!



FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2008 09:15 AM, CST

Sicily had a good night's sleep; on my bed! She won't even get close to her old hospital bed. This morning, she has already had apple juice, gatorade, and cherry jello. So far, so good. If she is able to keep those liquids down, she can try solids for lunch. We probably have an outside chance of going home today; more likely on Saturday. More later.

Thanks, Patrick.


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2008 09:17 AM, CST


Patrick stayed with Sicily last night and reported this morning that they had a pretty good night, except she threw up at around 4:00am. They are trying to get her to eat some jello and if she can hold that down, maybe something solid for lunch. Problem is she won't eat the jello right now and she usually likes jello. I talked to her on the phone and asked her to eat but she just said, "not yet." I don't know if she's afraid if she eats she will get sick, or what. I also asked her if she was tired of being in the hospital, and of course she said yes, so I told her she needed to eat before they would let her go. Please pray that she will eat something today and be able to keep it down. We've got to have a little break away before we spend another week and a half or so in the hospital for the next surgery!

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