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The latest update from Sicily's mom. Please continue to pray. Thanks so much.


Hello All,

No news as of yet, but my patience is actually growing instead of fading...God's answer to many prayers, I'm sure!

My sister-in-law Teresa left before lunch. We had a nice, brief visit. I was able to make a shopping trip to Wal-Mart this morning. I sure miss shopping early in the morning when the store is calm and not so packed. It's a much more pleasant experience! That's when I used to do most of my shopping. These days I end up there at the busiest time of day...the evenings when most everyone else is there, too. I didn't feel rushed or hurried, as Teresa told me to take my time. So I'm sure a few extra things ended up in my cart that weren't intentionally supposed to be there! But I did do a little Christmas shopping...I'm always an early holiday shopper...part of my "be prepared" mentality.

As I was checking out, I was in the line of a little lady with whom I see working at Wal-Mart often. We usually make small talk and I commented on how much I enjoy shopping early in the day, but I'm not able to much these days. She gave me the tilted head question sort of look and I proceeded to tell her a little about Sicily. She made several comments on how amazing little kids are who have to deal with this type of situation. She then said that one of her grandsons had a Wilm's tumor when he was about two. I almost dropped my debit card. I said, "really...that is what my daughter has" as I had not mentioned what type of cancer Sicily has before. I asked how he was and she replied, "great...he is now married and in his thirties." I thanked her for giving me more hope!

I get amazed so many times over and over how God puts people in my path and me in theirs all so we can help each other and learn from one another. As I've said before, you have to be open to Him to receive these messages. Sometimes you have to do a little "reading between the lines and interpreting," but other times the message hits you right between the eyes and there is no denying it! I prefer those because I'm notorious for second guessing myself, so I need the "knock on the head!"

While I was gone this morning, Teresa and Sicily took about a 35 minute walk around our neighborhood. Teresa said she was afraid of tiring Sicily...I think she found out the outcome was reverse...we all tire out before she can or does. She's the proverbial Energizer Bunny!!! And that is no lie! When she has her surgery, it may be a sort of vacation for me. I may actually be able to sit down for longer than five minutes at a time! I'm going to try to look at it in a bright aspect.

I dread what's impending more than anything, yet pray for the day to get here asap! Yes, I am a walking contridiction! But I do look forward to taking care of her in the hospital. She's such a strong willed, independant little personality at home, that it will be nice to be needed by her for a change. Not that that will be the case, I'm sure she will continue her amazing headstrong ways while hospitalized, but I'll still be ready and willing with my TLC! She's just admitted right now that she is tired, so I'd better jump up and tuck her in for a nap as this doesn't happen very often. I'll journal as soon as I hear of anything!


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