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Originally Posted by Rainsong View Post

Sammie!!! A new cancer breakthrough based on an individual's DNA!!!

Scientists Decode Cancer Cell DNA

(CBS) Scientists reported decoding the entire genetics of a cancer cell. They did it by analyzing the cells of a woman with leukemia, reports CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook.

"This is a landmark, this is the first time we've had the complete DNA instruction book, of a cancer cell," said Dr. Francis Collins, the former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Richard Wilson, a Ph.D. at the Washington University School of Medicine said: "We found 10 changes; 10 mutations in her tumor genome that may very well be related to her disease."

This may revolutionize the most advanced type of cancer treatments, called targeted therapies.

Right now, targeted therapy involves attacking cancer cells, but not normal cells. For example, the drug Herceptin works by selectively attacking a receptor found on the surface of breast cancer cells. In the patient with leukemia, scientists went past the surface of the cell, all the way to the center - or nucleus - and examined the DNA, the blueprint for the entire body. By comparing DNA from the patient's cancerous blood cells with DNA from her own normal skin, the researchers found changes present in genes of her leukemia, but not in the genes of her skin.

"What's new here is that this entire encyclopedia of a cancer cell, which is 400 Encylopedia Britannicas lined up end to end, has actually been read out for the first time for a particular leukemia," Collins said.

"The ultimate hope is that you would look at someone's DNA and you'd say 'I know how to treat you based what I found in your genes,'" Wilson said. "'And why you are different than the patient I saw with the same disease an hour ago.'"

The hope of truly personalized medicine is what drove researchers to study the inner-workings of cells.

"Cancer is a disease of the DNA, and we need to understand what goes wrong at the level of DNA, before we can really get good at understanding, diagnosing, and better treating the disease," Wilson said.

"It will result in a revolution in medicine that I believe will only be matched by the discovery of antibiotics," Collins said.

It took about seven years and $300 million to sequence the first human genome. Over the next few years, it's predicted to take only minutes and cost less than $1,000.

For now, it's still a research tool, and cancer patients shouldn't expect immediate treatments. But doctors hope it will have real-life applications within the decade.


I heard half of this on TV yesterday but I missed some. Thanks for the link and article. Yes, a cure for cancer is coming. Just think that it took 7 years and 300 million dollars to sequence the first human genome and it will be so much faster and cheaper in the future.

HOPE indeed. Thanks my friend.

BTW, I am waiting for the researchers at The Cleveland Hospital for results on a major project they are working on. I gave a ton of blood about 4 months ago and they called today and said that it would be another 4 months for the results if I have something called Cowden's Syndrome. It will be very important for my kids and my siblings. But my genetic counselor is going to go ahead and push for my insurance company to pay for the BRAC1 and 2 tests for breast cancer genes and then CHEK1 for something that I have no clue on right now. Anyway, it will cost the insurance co. thousands and they may turn me down. We will see.
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