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Originally Posted by SophieLaFontaine View Post
Sammie, how are you? Any news? I am almost afraid to ask. My best wishes to you and Mark. I think of you both very often.

Hi Sophie,
Thanks for thinking of me. I am having problems but what else is new. My mammo on the left side came out OK. I am not necessarily relived by that as the mammo couldn't show anything before when the cancer was so big. But I will have an MRI in 6 months. My oncologist said there is no test they can do to check on whether the cancer has spread to the lungs, brain, bones or liver. He said by the time something was seen, I would be already at stage 4 and other then trying chemos, there is not much they can do. And at that time the average life expectancy is 22 months. Sometimes he tells me more that I want to know. He said just to watch out for lumps or pain that is new. Itís a bit scary. He said that my cancer was aggressive and that is not good. Plus I had the misfortunate to be triple negative. Not good either. They have a greater chance of recurrences.

My bladder is not working right for some reason and now I am awaiting the equipment to catholicize myself. I go in Monday afternoon to "learn" how to do this. There will be a lot of testing done in the near future to see what exactly is wrong. We are worried about cancer of course but hopefully not.

I also tore the meniscus on my good knee. I'll have the MRI on Monday to see if I need surgery. It is so painful and gave out twice on me today. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without pain or worrying about every little lump or twinge. Mark doesn't worry about himself but worries about me. Now me - I worry about both of us.

He had a few more bowel obstructions in the last 2 months and that had me worried. His urostomy opening was closing so he had surgery to re-open it. I have to keep up the stretching of the opening to try and break through the scar tissue. It is bloody work but that is normal they say.

I will talk to the genetic councilor tomorrow (I hope) to try and see if my insurance will pay for the BRAC1 test to know if I carry a gene for breast cancer. If I do, my grown girls need to know.

There have been so many smaller things that I can't even remember day to day. I did have surgery 2 months ago to repair the implant on the mastectomy side. It is looking like it didn't work. That side hurts so much all the time. I am not sure what I will do.

Thanks Sophie for caring.

Love and Hugs

(Somehow I get so wordy over here. Sorry for that).
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