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Exclamation DGC03 11.04.08

Darcy here with this week's Digi-Challenge!!!

After the last two technique intensive challenges, we're going to step back and look at journaling.

Journaling is so very close to my heart. It's not always about the story at hand in the photos, but about the back story (how you go to that place) or the emotions invoked because of the photos ( a letter to a newborn child). While simply dating a layout is fine to give you a sense of the history of the photo, so much more can be added with heart felt journaling that doesn't mean it has to be mushy gushy stuff. Just tell what you feel.

Better yet, have your SUBJECT journal!! Either do it in their words, with a font that reflects them (such as my example where I used my son's own handwriting font to journal for him) or let them dictate the actual journaling! My son helped out in this layout by letting me know he'd like the pledge of his adventure group to be a part of this layout. It's important to the backstory because of the belief system we hold, because he won awards for being able to recite it, and because we often use it as a character learning tool. So it's important to him, and to us. I used his own handwriting font to do it because it brings even more special meaning to the words he wanted to put on the page. I feel it's important to let my boys speak on our layouts so that they know, in the future, what they were thinking or feeling about something, so that our family history doesn't all come from me.

So the challenge to you - journal in a different voice, and make it journaling that means something to the photo - not just the date...but make it meaningful about WHY you were where you were....why you felt the need to capture that moment...what you hope that moment brings to your family history, but get the subject of the photo to do it for you - whether in a font that reflects the subject, through lyrics or passages that the subject finds important, or allow the subject to dictate the journaling.
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