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This reminds me of a Star Trek episode....
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I have an old friend who has a very caustic sense of humor, and is also very direct and blunt. I thought I'd post a few of his comments to me from recent emails....

"He (former co-worker) told me that when he had kids he wasn’t going to have Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy or anything like that. He said that he didn’t want his kid to grow up and find that all those things weren’t real, and think that Jesus was just the same. And I just wanted to say, “but isn’t Jesus just the same?” Somehow I was smart enough not to do that though…. Still, it’s the thought that counts."

and this one...

"When I was little they (her parents) inundated me with religious stories. My Mom had been a breach birth. They had to turn her around with forceps (she’s got little bald spots on her head where they did it). She had a paralyzed hand, and my Grandfather went to the bishop and got the relic of a saint and put it under the crib and she was miraculously healed! When Mom and Dad got married they had trouble getting pregnant, and Mom prayed to the Virgin Mary and low and behold I was conceived….

It was some time when I was in college that she finally admitted that I was the product of a New Years Eve party…. And just a year or so ago we were talking about the fact that I don’t believe anymore and she said that she had a conversation with my Grandfather at one point and he said “You don’t actually believe that stuff do you?” But somehow or another she does. I can see why she does now – she’s basically blown her entire life taking care of people who took advantage of her. I can assure you she’s more than just a little peeved about it. And now she’s taking care of my Dad who as far as I can tell she’s hated my entire life. So she figures she doesn’t really have anything left except a reward in the afterlife. Good luck with that…."
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