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Originally Posted by tigerlily55 View Post
Forget about End Times. A newer view of Revelation ...... quoting from Wiki...

Preterist view
Preterism holds that the contents of Revelation constitute a prophecy of events that were fulfilled in the 1st century[18]. Preterist interpretations generally identify either Jerusalem or Pagan Rome as the persecutor of the Church, "Babylon", the "Mother of Harlots", etc. They see Armageddon as God's judgment on the Jews, carried out by the Roman army, which is identified as "the beast". Some preterists see the second half of Revelation as changing focus to Rome, its persecution of Christians, and the fall of the

Roman Empire. It sees the Revelation being fulfilled in 70, thereby bringing the full presence of God to dwell with all humanity. It also holds, especially in the Catholic belief, that the Emperor Nero, who blamed the Rome fire on the Christians in Rome, sparking a wave of persecution, was possibly the number of the beast mentioned in the book as his name equals 666 in Hebrew[19]. If using the Greek spelling of Nero's name (Neron Caesar), but using the Hebrew symbols with their assigned numeric values (an ancient method known as gematria), the total of the numeric values equals 666. However, a few ancient manuscripts of the Revelation say the number is 616, fifty less than the more well known numeral. A possible method to this problem lies in early translation. In the assumption that the Revelation was meant to be distributed among the early Christians, it could very well be assumed that occasionally someone may have used the Latin spelling of Nero's name (Nero Caesar), so the total value of the gematria would be 616

Of course, this version isn't any good for scaring people into going to church and giving money.
Super WOW! I've never heard this but it is SOOO interesting. Wish I had known about this when I was a freaked out thirteen-year-old!
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