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Originally Posted by lbirus View Post
It is an actual fact that glycerine is ok for rubber. It is one of the ingredients in most stamp cleaners (including SUs) and it is probably one of the main ingredients in Versa Mark.

Glycerin is a component of animal fat. It is used in "craft" or pigment inks (have you seen the gloppy clear solutions coming from your craft pads?) and lots of lotions and soaps:

"Glycerin is a sweet tasting, colorless, thick liquid that has a high boiling point and freezes to a paste. Cold process soap makers use it because it is a humectant. This means that it attracts moisture to your skin. It is a natural by-product in the soap making process. Commercial manufacturers remove glycerin to be used in more expensive lotions and creams but an amount remains in every soap bar made.
Extra glycerin added to a soap bar produces a clear finish and extra moisturizing qualities. It is also a good solvent. Many things will dissolve into glycerin easier than they do into alcohol or water.((maybe that's why it's good for embossing))

Glycerin is also highly hygroscopic. This means that it easily absorbs water from the air. If you were to leave a bottle of pure glycerin in the open, it would absorb water from the air to eventually become 20% water and 80% glycerin. If you were to place a small amount of pure glycerin on your tongue it would cause blistering. This is because it is dehydrating, although when diluted with water, it softens the skin."

So it's in there to soften the rubber and keep it moist. It's actually good for your rubber. As for clear stamps, I assume that since photopolymer is a synthetic product and not a natural product like rubber, it could easily withstand a natural cleaner such as simple green with no issue, but that's a guess.
WOW! Lots of good info...I guess I better look for some glycerin while I get some SG...I will definitely use it for my rubber stamps.

Anyone else out there who can testify that SG is a good cleaner for acrylic stamps????
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