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Our rule for our kids also is no talking about religion in public or outside of our family unit (until they get to be an age where they can better "feel people out".)
My dh was brought up in the church and comes from a church-going family..... My parents are staunch atheists. Despite the differences, we are all close-knit, so the last thing I want is my kids spouting things to the church goers and causing unnecessary drama.
Also - my oldest works in a church as an organist, and he is agnostic... so we have had many, many conversations about church, god, beliefs, respect of others' beliefs, when to keep your comments to yourself...etc.

It was easy when the kids were all little.... but now that my oldest is 16, and my youngest is 6.... some conversation occur that didn't occur when all were young. And as luck would have it - my youngest is extremely precocious and well-spoken for his age.

So -
Kindergarten class last year.
I was spending the morning in the classroom and it was "Circle Time".
The teacher had a big white paper and the kids were to give suggestions of words starting with "PL" and she wrote them on the paper.
Play, place, plum.... you get the idea.

Well, my little guy pipes up.... "PLUTO".
"That's great" she says, "The PLANET PLUTO! 2 PL words!"
What does my son say in his tiny kindergarten voice?
"Actually they aren't sure it's a planet - I meant the Roman god Pluto."

Blank looks.
The kids looked at him.... the teachers (there were 2) looked at me.

The teacher smiles big and says - "See, we get Plum and Play from everyone and then this is the kind of answers we get from A."
Luckily, she loved him and his questions and got a big kick out of him.

I give her credit because to my surprise she actually explained to the kids that in Mythology there were many gods....
We live in a very church-going area....I wonder what those kids went home and told their parents that night.....
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