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Originally Posted by bksjones View Post
Denise, I have been fascinated by the Goddess issue, too, ever since I read The DaVinci Code. I didn't have an inkling that christianity erased goddess worship, just like they erased paganism and Greek/Roman Mythology, but it's interesting to me that we still study those Gods, but not Goddesses. Just another reason for me to be angry at (or skeptical of?) christianity.
Not all goddesses have been pushed into invisibility. Brigid is still honored in the form of Mary and Ostara is still honored in the form of Easter.

Back in the dark ages when I was in elementary school, we learned about the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and some (very little) has stuck with me over time. Aphrodite, Diana (very popular in Stregheria--Italian witchcraft) and Venus are still "known" today. It took years before I started making connections between the "myths" of ancient Rome, Greece and Ireland and the "myths" of Christianity.

Someone mentioned The Chalice and the Blade as a source of information and I applaud the recommendation. Other sources are books on anthropology andthe works of Marija Gimbutas (scholarly and can be heavy).

I sincerely hope my post on goddesses was not the one referenced as "shutting down freedom of speech." The thrust of the post was meant to be a concise synopsis of goddess herstory as opposed to history.

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