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Originally Posted by d3inva View Post
I saw the same TV piece & I agree as to the circular aspect stated above.

I recently watched several documentaries regarding the godess beliefs that were in place prior to the 1600's - they discussed the inquisition- the holocaust of women- some 8 million killed during the indoctrination period of the patriarical christianity movement. I am now intrigued & drawn to the godess phenomena - "mother" earth is upset with us & is unleashing fury- I do not think that anyone is selected per se & those who were spared in Galveston- odds & better building- that's all. I am curious as to anyone else who have thoughts about the godess aspects????
People believe what they want. Attributing all manner of disasters/blessings to a god/goddess doesn't make it so. Goddess worship can be traced to prehistoric times when matters of birth and perpetration of the tribe/clan were still a matter of survival.

Nature is what it is and behaves according to the laws of physics (as understood by humans). Nature is impartial and doesn't care how many virgins are sacrificed to appease it or how many prayers are prayed.

Most goddess religions grew out of the observations of nature. Nature gives birth to new life each spring and feeds and nurtures humans through its workings. One can correlate that birth with the birth of humans, an act attributable only to females. Nurture--one of the main female roles. Feeding the family/tribe/community is another. These are a few of the reasons many choose to call Earth "Mother".

Nature is.

Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape.
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